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Diablero Season 2: Get Details About Release, Cast And More!

A mysterious and horror series of Netflix will renew once more for a second sequel. It is a Mexican horror film that is packed with more adventure and suspense. It is a Mexican story base show that is translated as “The Devil made me do it.” This show is a religious battle between the good and bad.

The story of the show will get the idea from Heghenbeck’s novel with the same title. However, Diablero Season 1 was released on 21st October 2018. The previous season on has got good ratings of 6.7%. And this will push the showrunners to renew the series for another sequel. This second sequel will air out in 2020.

This upcoming series featuring the 3 leading roles (Protagonists) who will perform different roles explained as under:

  • G. Rojas will perform as legendary demon Hunter
  • Giselle Kuri will perform as a superhero
  • Father Ventura will perform as a fallen priest

These three heroes driving in different parts of Mexico to save people from the wild war of angels vs demons. This show is strongly related to a horror story title as “Supernatural”.

Besides these three leading, the remaining cast will include:

  • Fatima Molina
  • Dolores Heredia
  • Humberto Busto
  • Mariana Botas

You will find many battles that throw a very horror impact on the viewers. You do not have to wait a lot to watch this. As it will air out on 31st January 2020. This second season will explore 8 episodes in this run.

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