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Power Season 6 Episode 11: Release Date, Streaming Details and Preview!

Power season 6 is on the way, and the show has completed its ten episodes, and eleventh is on the way. Therefore here we will discuss streaming details and other updates of today’s episode.

The previous episode aired on 3rd November 2019 and title was “ No One Can Stop Me.” Now the next will release in this week, and the title is “ Still DRE.”

Release Date of Power Season 6 Episode 11

As you know the 10th episodes have done. So the 11th episode of six season will release on 5th January 2020.  The event will air at 8 pm according to US time.  The duration of the episode is 60minutes. Courtney Kemp Agboh is the creator of the show.

Here you can watch the preview of episode 11.

 Where to Watch Power Season 6 Episode11

It is a crime drama, and you can watch the power season 6 episode 11 on the official website of Starz. Moreover, you can also get on PlayStore and AppStore.

Besides many unofficial platforms are also available where the episode could be seen. However, we would recommend you only official platforms and also supports the creators of the show.

What’s the Story of Power?

The power of the first episode aired first time on 7th January 2014, and now the six-season is deep. The story focuses on James Ghost St. Patrick. He is a drug kingpin as well as wealthy New York City nightclub owner. He builds an empire and turns his company into the Fortune 500 business.

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