March 7, 2021

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6394317 corona cases, 377966 deaths worldwide

by on June 8, 2020 0

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Coronavirus an epidemic, not only the number of patients but also the number of deaths is increasing day by day. Outbreaks of the coronavirus have been reported in various countries so somewhere it is on the rise and there are almost no cases or deaths. The number...

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Schools reopened in England 10 weeks later

by on June 5, 2020 0

Schools reopened in the UK’s England region after a 10-week shutdown, but nearly half of parents have avoided sending their children to school. The British government yesterday announced an easing of lockdowns, including the reopening of schools, in some areas, due to concerns raised by local administrations and teachers’ unions, very few children have...

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Floods after torrential rains in El Salvador, Guatemala

by on June 5, 2020 0

Storms in the Central American countries of El Salvador and Guatemala has killed at least 10 people and injured dozens more. Rains caused flooding in both countries, with many vehicles washed away and roads turned into ponds. Life in these Central American countries is in disarray. Emergency has been declared by the administration and...

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Wooden Flower: Not Less Than A Miracle

by on June 4, 2020 0

Human nature is bestowed with the thirst too look around and find incredible items in the surrounding. People in every stance of life find out several things that appeal to them as well as engage them to an extent that simply blows their minds. Such miracles are foreseen yet achievable by humans. Wooden flowers...

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Saudi King Rawa approves opening of Prophet’s Mosque

by on June 1, 2020 0

Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques and Saudi King Rawa Shah Salman has approved the opening of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. With the permission of Shah Salman, a limited number of worshipers will be allowed to enter the Prophet’s Mosque from Sunday, while all precautions will have to be taken, including social distances....

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Liquor stores open in India, 70% corona tax levied

by on May 12, 2020 0

After 6 weeks of lockdown in India, the Modi government opened liquor shops, long queues of alcoholics formed outside the shops, Delhi government-imposed 70% corona tax on liquor in view of the rush. According to foreign news agency sources, in some places, there have been reports of clashes between the citizens and the police,...

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