June 24, 2021

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Indonesia:11-years-old girl dies due to coronavirus

by on April 2, 2020 0

An 11-year-old girl has died due to the Coronavirus in Indonesia. According to the hospital administration, the girl was also suffering from dengue fever with the coronavirus, which further worsened her condition. Indonesia’s total death toll has risen to 157 after 21 more deaths in 24 hours while the number of affected persons has...

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India, The Bride Who Arrived from France 7 Days Ago Was Quarantined

by on March 20, 2020 0

The bridegroom, who arrived from France seven days ago in India due to the threat from Corona, has been canceled the bridegroom’s ceremonial occasion and quarantined. According to the Indian website ‘NDTV’, a tremendous wedding ceremony was held in The Indian state of Telangana last night, which is attended by more than 1,000 guests,...

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India, Corona virus Cases Number Increased to 147

by on March 18, 2020 0

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, the number of Corona virus cases in India has increased to 147. The Indian Ministry of Health says 122 Indian people infected with the Corona virus while 25 are foreigners. According to sources, 3 deaths have been reported from Corona virus in India. On the other hand,...

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Afghanistan War, just over!

by on February 29, 2020 0

According to Bloomberg News, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar, to end the 18-year-old war.   Express! The United States and Afghanistan issue joint statement, U.S. military plans to withdraw within 14 months   According to AFP news, the United States and the Afghan government issued a joint statement...

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Adele Weight Loss: Is Singer ‘Adele’ doing weight loss?

by on January 7, 2020 0

Adele is known due to her voice globally. Recently she revealed her incredible weight loss experience with Harry Styles and James Corden on holiday. She seems slimming on the beach in Anguilla Adele has really lost an impressive weight. How is Adele making Weight loss? Addle’s fans want to know that how she made...

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