Alejandro Marques, the story of a more than interesting prospect

Earlier this year, Juventus announced a movement that is not seen many times, the signing of a player from Barcelona, but not a player who was a consecrated star or a discarded Catalan club, it was a teenager born in Venezuela and that with 19 years was a very important figure in the lower divisions. […]

5 Publishing platforms authors should consider

Using well-established publishing companies has its obvious benefits, but if you’re looking at self-publishing options, here’s a list of the top self-publishing platforms in the U.S. MindStir Media MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company that attracts authors from all over the world. MindStir Media’s distribution network is impressive to say the least, their print […]

Cancer Drug Researcher Kevin Dalby Shares Five Interesting Facts About Cancer

Cancer research continues to evolve, generating new fascinating discoveries daily. Over the past few decades, our understanding of cancer has improved significantly. Here, Austin, TX professor Kevin Dalby reveals five interesting facts about cancer you may not have heard of before. Fact #1. In 2019 the five most common cancer types that killed women were lung & […]

Why is Java Script so important for the web?

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages used in web development, according to recent surveys, it’s the most commonly used for the eight year in a row, used by 69.7% of professional developers. Although there are other programming languages like HTML, CSS, or SQL, JavaScript is used by over 90% of all websites. Why […]

NANO Hearing Aids VS Costco VS Phonak: What reviews say

According to reports by the World health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of debilitating hearing loss will increase to 900 million people by the year 2050. The need for both affordable and effective hearing aids will increase concurrently. Numerous hearing aid brands are around and they each have unique benefits. However, reviews from real consumers can […]

The top 5 adventure toolkits for 2021: Combar Pro and more

With over 3.7 million Americans classifying themselves as ‘survivalists’, we take a detailed dive into the rapidly booming market for Adventure Toolkits 1. Combar Pro Developed by ACLIM8 founders and Special Forces veterans Udi Cohen and Yaniv Bar, the ACLIM8 COMBAR Pro  is an elite five-in-one adventurer tool. It includes a state-of-the art survival-knife which is […]

Afuzion Gives Us a Glimpse Into the Introduction to DO-178C Training

With all industries comprising mechanical, technological, and software trades, there are technical guidelines, and research that assist new engineers and software development teams to ensure successful and innovative modification to the entire industry. In aviation, these components, such as software development, technological placement, and critical safety analysis come first in any instruction manual or training […]