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How To Decide What To Major In


Did you know some students apply to their college as an undecided major? You should determine your favorite subjects and interests before selecting a major. If you’re asking the question “What should I major in college?”, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to discern if the major suits you. You’ll find out what topics to avoid and which ones might lead you to an exciting career.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below on how to pick a major.

Determine Your Interests

Before you pick a major, you should think about your interests and passions. When you graduate high school, you should know your favorite topics. Think about how you can pursue some of these topics further.

Do you love to write or draw? Begin by writing down the things you love inside and outside the classroom. You could major in an artistic field like graphic design or writing novels.

If you love traveling or business, look into international business or tourism.

What Are Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

Next, you’ll want to determine your weaknesses and strengths. This will help you choose the right major for your degree.

If you don’t like public speaking, don’t pursue things that will bring you into the limelight. You should try and build on your weaknesses during college. If you want to improve public speaking, try taking a speech class.

Discern Career Goals

Next, think about your career goals. Is there a specific job you would love to pursue? Think about how your major will line up with your career. Will a specific significant make it more difficult to find a career?

Think about a related major if you have a particular job in mind. What degree will suit your future job? Check out a general studies degree.

Some people will pursue an associate degree, a two-year program in sciences, or arts. People who get this degree may keep studying. They’ll transfer into a four-year bachelor’s program.

Others will use their associate degree and head right into the workforce.
Career colleges and community colleges will offer associate degrees.

You can earn a science or art degree. You might also choose to pursue a bachelor of fine arts, architecture, or engineering. A bachelor’s degree will require four years.

A joint degree student could get a bachelor’s degree and a professional or graduate degree. This will take less time if you combine them.

People might look into applying for a graduate program even during their undergraduate. Some graduate programs can begin in the fourth year.

A Graduate Degree is an advanced degree you get after finishing your bachelor’s degree. Some examples include a master of science or a master of arts. Students will gain a master’s after completing two years.

A doctoral degree will take four years.

Speak With Professionals and Advisers

Another way to gain insight into what major to choose is by speaking to a counselor at your school.

You could also meet with a college guidance counselor. They will have previously worked with many students who chose a major. Your school counselor will inform you about the college’s programs and majors.

When meeting with the counselor, you should ask about nearby college fairs.

Can they put you in touch with recent grads who took the major you’re considering? What elective courses would the career counselor recommend?

Reach out to people who work in the related field. Talk to someone who’s currently working as a graphic designer or has a job in engineering. Ask them how they like their job and what major they studied.

Choose a Few Major Options

You should think about a backup or two when deciding on a major. You don’t want to focus solely on one area of study. College gives you the chance to take a few different classes.

You might realize you prefer another subject instead. By your second year, you will have a better idea of what major you would like to pursue. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Try Volunteering or Seek Internships

You should also look into internships or volunteer projects. This will help you understand the particular major you might choose.

You’ll also learn what to expect from day-to-day life on the job. Talk to people in a few different departments.

Go to a Local College Event

You should also look at attending a local college event. You’ll learn a lot about the college and the majors there. Usually, the college will have a few student representatives working at the fair.

You should find out if they enjoy the major and what they wish they knew before choosing it.

What If You Want to Change Your Major?

You could change your major easily. Most students will change their major at least once, though some change it more than once.

Don’t worry if you don’t stick with your first major. Most students find a subject they feel more passionate about when attending university.

What Should I Major In?

Did you find this guide helpful in choosing majors? If you’re still asking, “what should I major in?” look at going to a college event.

Meet with students from the university. Find out what the students liked, and see if you can shadow someone.

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