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4 Occasions When It Sucks to Have No Batteries


Go ahead and admit it: you have a drawer in your home where you normally keep batteries. And while you’re at it, you might as well admit that you have stuck your hand in that drawer on more than one occasion only to discover your battery stash had been completely depleted. That feeling of reaching in to find nothing really sucks.

Running out of batteries is one of the main reasons for considering making the switch to rechargeable cells. Sure, you can still run into problems by forgetting to charge them, but charging is a lot easier than running to the store for more alkaline batteries.

To drive home the point, here are four occasions when it sucks to have no batteries:

 1. Christmas Morning


Christmas morning may very well be the most important day of the year for batteries. The last thing you want to do is hand little Johnny an electronic toy only to have to tell him, “Sorry kid, you can’t use it right now. We don’t have any batteries.”

The hectic nature of the holiday season is an open invitation to forget battery purchases. But if you use rechargeable batteries instead, the worst that could happen is having to plug in a charger while you are all sitting down to breakfast.

 2. When the Power Goes Out

Our parents and grandparents relied on candles when the power went out. We are not so much about candles in the 21st century. We prefer flashlights and battery-powered lanterns. Suffice it to say that it really sucks to both lose power and discover the batteries in your flashlight are dead.

3.When the Kids Are Finally Sitting Still for a Picture

Scenario #3 involves family photos. We have all had the wonderful experience of trying to pose everyone just perfectly before setting the timer and running to join the family. You work so hard to get the kids to sit still that you are almost in ecstasy when you hear the shutter click. Unless, of course, your batteries die just before the timer reaches zero.

It is not so bad if you can reach into the camera bag and grab a new set. But wait. There is no set. You have just spent the past 60 minutes dealing with messed up hair, nose picking, and one child sticking his fingers behind the head of his sibling. Having no batteries for the perfect family shot is enough to drive you insane.

4. Brushing Before the Big Date

You are standing in front of the mirror, preparing for the big date. You have done everything the makeover guide said to do. All that’s left is to brush your teeth. Oh no! The batteries in your electric toothbrush have given up the ghost. You don’t have any spares in your junk drawer to replace them. Yes, you can brush manually, but it just won’t be the same. You will spend the entire evening wondering if there’s anything in your teeth.

So, how do you avoid these unpleasant moments? Pale Blue Earth, makers of high-tech USB rechargeable batteries, says your best bet is to dispense with single-use alkaline batteries and switch to rechargeable lithium-ion cells instead.

The advantage of using rechargeables is that you can immediately recharge them after running them down. Get in the habit of doing so and you will never be without battery power again. There will not be any more Christmas morning runs to the convenience store down the street. You will have batteries for your flashlight when the power goes out. In short, life won’t suck as much – at least not where batteries are concerned.

Learn more about maximizing the life of non-rechargeable batteries on this website:

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