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Catching Plagiarism the Easy Way


Gone are the days where you couldn’t find out if someone has copied anything from the internet. Today you can easily find plagiarism with the help of the internet. It’s a criminal sort of world when it comes to writing original content. Almost in all of the subjects people just rewrite what they find online and don’t do anything else themselves. With almost 100,000 reports being submitted every day how can you find out if it is plagiarized or not? Well, there are many easy ways and Online Plagiarism checker tools available.

Search the web to check for plagiarism

Almost 90% of the articles that are being submitted to you are copied off the internet and it’s easy to find them on your own. People usually only go to the first and second page of Google’s search results, this is where you can hunt your prey. Search for the article on the internet and you might find it in any of the links in the first page. Sometimes students are even smart enough to reach the second page so you should check that page too. If there’s a famous website you know where you suspect the work could have been copied from then check that website too.

Go and easy and leave it all on the brain

This might seem exhausting but it really isn’t if you’re smart enough. Most students don’t look at the grammar properly and just change the sense of the sentence. These mistakes are where they get caught. If there are constant grammar mistakes in the paper submitted to you then there’s a huge chance it is copied. However, you can’t just blame the student that way, so make sure you ask him or her a few questions regarding the paper. If they answer correctly, they are innocent. But if they don’t then you’ve definitely caught your fish.

Hiring a service to do this job for you

Most people nowadays use an Online Plagiarism Checker tool to get out of these type of problems and this is quite an amazing solution if you ask me. However, if you have a huge load of work that you have to check and a very limited amount of time then you should hire a service for it as they can do the work that you require in a very professional manner and that too in a faster time.

These services don’t work any differently from the plagiarism checker tools that we’ve told you about earlier but they do it faster. Their wages are usually very low as compared to their work. They will allow a minimum of 5% plagiarism on each paper as that is the number of words that a human would obviously write the same way as it is the same topic. But anything above that mark would be caught and you’ll be grading papers in a matter of a minute. It’s all up to you now. Make the right decision and you can make the world a plagiarism-free place.

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