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Try These Marketing and Design Tools to Bootstrap Your Startup


Digital marketing trends of 2021 are currently focused on finding novel ways to reach untapped online audiences. Here are some of the top trending marketing and design tools to help new businesses do just that.

App Institute

These days there’s an app for anything and everythings, and with an estimated 592 billion apps downloaded daily in 2020, using a mobile app as an interactive platform on which consumers can view your business can lead to extensive brand and product exposure. App Institute is one of the most easy-to-use app creators with a drag-and-drop editor that requires no coding experience on the part. Business owners simply enter their business website into the editor and it automatically imports the business’ brand colours and font into the generated app. Users select the type of app they want based on industry, real estate, restaurants or coffee shops for example, and further app details such as menus of products and services, prices lists, and visuals and navigation functions are customizable thereafter.

Wix website builder

With so much business conducted online, having a company website is crucial. Through company websites consumers can get an idea of a business, its products and services, and updates of special offers and deals, but most importantly consumers can also contact a business through its website. The Wix website builder makes it easy for business owners to build their own website without the help of a professional IT expert. Using Wix, users can make professional websites with their variety of templates and their drag-and-drop editor. Beginner users can choose a template, drag and drop title and text boxes, logos, images and other design elements, which they can always return to and customize after. Wix also has another option for people who have never created websites before, the Wix ADI, which requires users to answer certain questions and Wix generates a website based on their answers. Suggested resource: gave a look at Sitetrail’s detailed comparison of the best website builders.


Canva is one of the top graphic design platforms that business owners can use to create unique marketing content, including logos, posters, social media graphics, documents and other visual content, all of which can be exported to be simultaneously used in a company’s digital marketing efforts. Canva makes use of a drag-and-drop editor, and a variety of professional layout and templates for users to consistently create high-quality visual and text-based marketing content, such as Instagram posts, business cards and much more. Canva is free which is good for startups, but it also has paid subscription options like Canva Pro. The TRUiC free logo maker is off course way ahead of Canva so be sure to find it.


Email marketing has improved over the years and one easy way to get quality email marketing content is using Moosend. People working remotely and therefore constantly checking their emails which means this is one good way to market your business quickly. Moosend has a variety of customizable templates for users to choose from, to create attractive newsletters and ‘calls-to-action’ that consumers will never get bored of. Moosend also offers analytical features for users to create unique user profiles, get real-time reports, as well as locations and tracking data.


The idea of customer service has always been related to call centers and customer care consultants. However with online consumer services tools such as Tidio, these ideas are slowly changing and the use of the chatbox for efficient online customer service is becoming more prominent. Tidio allows users to create their own chatbox that is efficient and responsive and easy to build because it requires no coding experience. Users are able to customize their chatbox according to their website style with a drag-and-drop editor, and also program key responses to common customer inquiries.  Tidio is also offered in multiple languages for business owners with an international presence.

Using a combination of marketing and design tools is always better

Each marketing and design tool included in the list are targeted at optimising different aspects of a business’ marketing strategy, from building their website or a mobile app, and the content created for those platforms, to improving existing marketing strategies, such as email marketing, and incorporating customer service-related marketing tools to add another dimension to a business’ marketing efforts.

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