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Why Should You Attend a Conference?


Learn Something New

Regardless of experience or status, everybody has the capacity to further their knowledge. Many industries are changing quickly, especially in the IM niche, and conferences are an ideal place for companies to showcase new technologies, products and services; meaning that you can grab the opportunity to get ahead of your competition.
Even if you attend talks on topics that you’re already familiar with, it’s likely that you’ll see something from a different perspective which is often as useful as learning something completely new.
Keeping yourself educated in your industry is key to staying ahead of the game.


Sure, you can network in forums and online societies but attending a conference is a rare chance to meet like-minded people face to face. It’s often much easier to strike up a rapport with somebody in person rather than via email meaning that you can make more meaningful connections with potential partners or clients.

It can be Fun!

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Socialising with your contemporaries outside of a working environment helps you to build a relationship where you value each other on a personal basis as well as in a professional capacity – just don’t overdo it!

Brand Exposure

Attending a conference is a great way to increase exposure to your brand. If you are taking employees, why not wear a branded hoodie or tee-shirt? This will encourage people to approach you and ask more about your business and the service or product that you provide.

New Ideas

It’s likely that you will think of lots of ideas for new content for your site, blog and social media pages. When you are speaking with other like-minded people, you will be able to gauge what’s hot and the topics that potential clients want to hear more about and points of interest. Make sure you take a pen and notepad with you so that you can jot down any ideas as they come to you.

Keep tuned for our tips on how to make the most of attending conferences!

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