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Tips for Planning Small Intimate Proposals


When you’re ready to pop the big question, yet you’re not sure when the best timing is, you want to thoroughly plan out your marriage proposal. Perhaps you are a minimalist who would enjoy an intimate setting with only close family and relatives present on your big day.

Saying the four words, “Will you marry me?” might seem like one of the most fearful moments in your life, even for the people who are romantic, confident, and passionate on an everyday basis. Remember, if you want your proposal to be perfect, you will want to make sure that you keep it personalized and relevant to your relationship. Don’t be worried though, we’ve come up a curated selection of ideas that can help you with finding the perfect planning tips for your proposal.

A sentimental location the two of you share.

You can consider a nostalgic proposal, asking your partner to marry you in a place you have both shared beautiful memories. Maybe the best choice is the restaurant where you shared your first date, the place that you first kissed, or the spot where you initially pronounced your love for one another. The choices are endless when it comes to a sentimental location. To discover more about Victorian-era marriage proposals, visit this website:

Take a trip down memory lane and pop the question with a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. A pepper diamond ring is a unique choice, and will be more impressive than regular diamonds would be. They’re crafted from natural diamonds and have a unique, visually appealing appearance. Plus, the clarity is refined like no other.

Have his or her family join you for the big moment.

If you have a good relationship with your partner’s parents, then don’t be afraid to ask them to join you for the big moment of your proposal. You could do this during a family gathering or holiday. However, its okay to be a little too shy, and proposing in front of other people, even family, can be overwhelming. You can consider having them watch from a distance, rather than being up close and personal. From a vantage point, they can still enjoy the big moment with you. After you pop the question and you hear the one word you’ve been longing to hear, you can wave everyone over to share the good news and celebrate together as a family.

During a day at the spa.

If you both love to get pampered then this may be a good choice for you and your lover. Look for the best day spa near you, and take out the engagement ring right after a massage, facial, or any form of wellness and body treatments. This would be a great time, considering the fact that both of your nerves will be at ease, which can help take some of your anxiety away before proposing. So, why not think about about taking out the rose gold or white gold pepper ring you’ve chosen after some massage therapy wellness?

During a photography session with your lover.

You can tell your loved one that you would like to have some photographs taken by professional staff at a photography company. This is a guise to bring her to a special spot. The brilliance of this idea is that you’ll be able to capture the look on your lover’s face after you’ve asked them the big question.

You can also give them the pictures from that day as a perfect gift for your wedding. Have them framed so you can hang them in the master bedroom of your home. In the past couple of years, this specific proposal has grown more popular among younger couples.

If you are a beginner at photoshoots then visit is a website that teaches you how to edit your photos, by using the latest photography tips and techniques. From beginners to advanced, everyone is able to edit their photos with ease using the website.

While reading a love poem.

This is one of the most romantic choices we’ve come up with. While you’re engaging in reading a romantic poem to your bride-to-be, you can get down on one knee and pull out a beautiful white diamond ring. Remind your love why you want to spend the rest of your life with them before asking them to be your spouse. This choice is really good for anyone, but it works even better for the people who enjoy reading poetry.

There’s something romantic about ferris wheel proposals.

Looking for an old-fashioned proposal? How about popping the question while you and your fiance-to-be ride on a ferris wheel together? Once the ride is over and the two of you are waiting to step off, you can turn towards your partner and get down on one knee. There’s something romantic about riding a ferris wheel with the love of your life, but there’s something even more special about proposing beside one.

Just remember that your proposal doesn’t have to be of perfect, and you don’t need the best jewelry. The only thing that matters is that the two of you are in love. Now that you know it’s time to move onto the next chapter in life, get the engagement ring ready and enjoy spending the rest of your life with your partner.

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