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Things to Know Before Selecting A Flower Dress for The Wedding


This is really adorable to watch cute little girls who have been walking down with the aisle in the darling flower dresses they are wearing and this is most probably the best part which you can experience in a wedding ceremony. These basically are the traditional dresses that have their traditional importance. However, to select the ivory flower girl dresses, you need to know some of the things which are as follows:

Traditional importance

The flower girl actually needed to be younger that is about 3 to 8 years of age and this is basically a no rule but this is a tradition in weddings. For example, all the younger girls, in your relatives need to be the flower girl and be a special part of your wedding program. Alternatively, another trend has been seen and in that, this role normally is played by the grandmother of the bride or groom.

Who will be the flower girl?

Normally a flower girl is a child who is in a close relationship with you. She could be your cousin, niece, a close friend’s child or even your own child. One thing to make sure is that you can never have a lot of flower girls at your wedding. To understand the difference between a bridesmaid and a flower girl, visit this website:

Dress of the flower girl

Normally the flower girls wear white frocks that have ruffles, sequins, embroidery and whatever you may name it. There are still no clear and definite rules regarding this. Flower girl dresses should look like the mini version of the bride’s wedding dress and they look cute as a little baby bridal gown. The traditional colors for the flower dresses are pink or ivory and you can select for the brighter shades as well if they match your wedding theme and your wedding dress. The choice in this aspect is completely yours.

Who needs to purchase the dress?

There is a custom that the flower girl’s parents have to buy the flower dress for her however this also is the task of the bride to select the bridesmaids dresses so this thing is needed to be done by the bride but the parents of the flower girl will pay for the dress. There is a general suggestion which you can follow and that is to make a friendly budget so that the things are in control and better managed.

From where to get the dress

However this is your big day and everything is needed to be perfect and this perfection is needed to be in everything especially when it is about the flower girl dress, they are needed to be perfect too because she is an important part of your wedding and she needs to look beautiful. To provide the flower girl a really beautiful look and a very special feeling, the dress should be selected with wise care and thoughts. You can shop for the dress online or even go for outdoor shopping but take care of the traditions.

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