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Selecting the Best Flower Girl Dress


Most probably, the flower girl is the center of attraction at any wedding party and no one has the right to look so beautiful after bride than the flower girl because she is the center of the party. Everyone would be looking on her the way she would be with the bride walking down with her and holding petals and smiling for the photos in front of the camera.  The flower girl should be the closest relative to the bride and that could be her cousin, sister, family friend or her niece and should be in a dress somehow resembling the bridal dress making her look perfect and special on this big day. Following mentioned are some of the tips which you need to follow while selecting a cute one from a variety of flower girl dresses:

The first and the foremost thing to take care of is the style and the color of the flower girl dress. Being the bride, you need to select for the color and style which perfectly suits your wedding theme and resembles your wedding dress as well. However, you need to take care of the fabric and the best fit too. The most traditional and the trendy colors which you can select for the flower girl is the ivory frock because the ivory flower girl dresses really are in trend. You can select for the white color too whatever suits the little girl the most. Alternatively, there is another option in which you can select a dress resembling the bridesmaid dress too as it also is a part of the tradition and it really matters for the wedding party as well.  You can also take suggestions from your friends and family regarding the best color and style but select that which is perfect.

  • Consider season

 Whatever the dress and the fabric you may select for the flower girl, that must be synchronized with the season well, because she needs to be comfortable in her dress.  Short sleeves and open toe shoes would be the perfect option for warm weather weddings. If the weather is cold, you can select sweaters, tights and other warm clothing items. Take care of the changing season trends as well.

  • Find perfect fit

While searching for the flower girl dresses, make sure that whatever you select should perfectly fit the little girl. Don’t just select a dress randomly as it could be oversized or frumpy. Select something which best fits the little girl and if it doesn’t, get it fitted. Most of the times people pre-order the dress and even before years so, in such situations, you need to take care of the growth spurts of the girl.

  • Dress fabric

Dress fabric really matters, while you are selecting a flower girl dress which also needs to be matched with the wedding theme of yours, don’t select anything that is so itchy or heavy because it could destroy the comfort of the flower girl.

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