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Fall Fashion Fun: 7 Fantastic Styles to Rock This Autumn


The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner—sweater weather season.

As the days get longer and the air gets cooler, you’re probably wondering when to bust out your fall wardrobe.

Autumn fashion skews towards comfort. Whether it’s the flattering earth tones or the satisfaction we get when we layer up, there’s something special about fall fashion.

Of course, fashion can be hard to predict. Who knew that 2022 would be the year of hot pink or the death of the traditional suit? Staying on top of these trends can be tough to navigate.

We are here to help break it down for you. This year’s fall fashion trends are overwhelmingly familiar.

It’s All About the 90s

The 90s have already made a comeback in 2022.

As Rage Against the Machine tours, we are anticipating the premiere of That ’90s Show and the release of Hocus Pocus 2. Now, even fashion has decided to turn back the clock to a simpler time.

Celebrities like the Kardashians and Justin Bieber have been embracing 90s trends. And with fall around the corner, you can expect things to ramp up.

We’ve put together a list of 7 fantastic styles to rock this autumn to help you stay fresh!

#1. Top Handle Bags

It’s all about the top handle bags and satchels.

These bags come in a variety of materials. Leather is popular across the board this fall, but bold prints and bright neon hues make for great statement pieces as well.

Top handle bags and satchels range in price. Designer bags can set you back thousands of dollars. But if you’re thrifty, you can find some gorgeous alternatives at Walmart or your local thrift store.

#2. Basic (Like Your Pumpkin Spice Latte)

Think twice before you pack away your summer basics this year. This fall, the basics are in.

Layer your white tank under your fall sweaters. Keep your little black dress out too. Pair a plain black t-shirt with your favorite pair of mom jeans and call it a day.

Paint your nails in shades of earth tones like mossy green, brown or plum. Or keep it simple by painting them milky white or sea blue.

Being plain has never been cooler.

#3. Classic Footwear

You will be head over feet for these fall shoes.

Bright-colored retro sneakers, Jordan 8 and athleisure shoes will be triumphant this fall. Platform shoes have resurfaced just in time for a Spice Girls reunion. Beloved combat boots and ankle boots have also entered the chat.

While these beloved 90s shoes return, there will also be a rise in loafers and jumbo clogs.

When it comes to fall footwear, the priority is comfort. But if you’re looking for something a bit dressier, neon-colored heels and wedge sandals are great options.

#4. Wide-Leg Fall Fashion

As work culture continues to adapt in a post-lockdown world, it’s all about dressing down.

Wide-leg pants, mom jeans, and cargos are being embraced by celebrities and runways alike. Men are trading in their dress pants for chinos, athleisure pants, linen, and khakis.

Say goodbye to the skinny jean and hello to your old bell bottom jeans. It’s all about comfort this year.

#5. Retro Hairstyles

You’ll be rewatching She’s All That and The Breakfast Club for hair inspiration.

Retro hairstyles like the blunt bob, curtain bangs, and 80s shag haircuts are on the rise this fall. 80s rock star haircuts and mullets are also trending right now.

When it comes to hair colors, warm hues and pastel pinks are popular. And if you’ve been hanging onto your butterfly clips, claw clips and scrunchies, their moment has finally arrived.

For men, beanies and bucket hats will compliment the best outfits for fall, so make sure you have a few in your wardrobe.

#6. Oversized Outerwear

Oversized jackets, blazers, sweaters, and button-ups top the fall fashion trends this year.

Women are opting for oversized button-ups and pullovers. Whether the button-up is a light neutral shade or bold plaid, these classic items are an easy go-to. Chunky turtle-neck sweaters in wool and cable knits are another cozy fall fashion favorite this year.

Men and women alike are wearing oversized jackets and blazers. These make for great statement pieces, often coming in bold prints, plaid, or tweed.

Motocross fashion is trending this fall as well. Yes, you read that correctly. Oversized biker jackets and motocross-inspired leather has been donned by A-list celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid.

#7. Showing Some Skin

When we think of fashion for fall, we typically think of bundling and layering up. But, this year, showing some skin is in.

The 90s abstract sweater trend is back in all its slouchy, off-the-shoulder glory. Extreme cut-out styles for blouses, halter tops, dresses, bodysuits, and jeans are everywhere you turn. Backless blouses and sparkly mini dresses are in style again as well.

Throw a crop top under your oversized blazer and pair it with your cargo pants. You will feel just like you’re stepping off the set of a music video shoot for The New Radicals.

Having Fun With Fall Fashion Trends

Autumn is a busy time of year.

The harvest marks back-to-school, and the beginning of the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving. With so much going on, it can be hard to focus on expressing yourself through fall fashion.

Thankfully, these 7 fantastic styles to rock this autumn will help you create a look you can feel proud of!

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