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Adele Weight Loss: Is Singer ‘Adele’ doing weight loss?


Adele is known due to her voice globally. Recently she revealed her incredible weight loss experience with Harry Styles and James Corden on holiday. She seems slimming on the beach in Anguilla Adele has really lost an impressive weight.

How is Adele making Weight loss?

Addle’s fans want to know that how she made weight loss. According to Sun, she weight loss with the Body Coach Joe Wicks after following the high-intensity workout videos of a personal trainer.

Moreover, she is the fans of Dalton Wond trainer who helps the actors to get the shape for roles, including her pal Jennifer Lawrence. A source claimed that Adle is working secretly with these personal trainers. She follows many diet plans at home by using tutorials and videos. She made a clear difference in the last six months.

Before that weight loss was not the priority for Adele, she was said she is not insecure about her appearance after shooting to fame in 2008.

Moreover, she also said she would not work anybody who has an issue with her size. In 2009, she also told daily mail “ I can’t be a product, and no one can do that, I have power over anything.”

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld mentioned Adele as “ A little too fat.” On that, she replied that she is very proud of her appearance and said that Weight has nothing to do with my career.”

What Fans Said About Adele’s Weight loss?

Harry Styles and James Corden revealed her incredible weight loss.

One fan wrote that Adele is looking so skinny here should we get worried about her.” And other one wrote in response “ it is scary and not a good look.” On the other side, some fans defended her and dedication her to a healthier lifestyle.

A fan said, “ I bet she is on a diet to get the ideal weight that is great for her as well as for her career too. “ Moreover, another one said, we should not be worried, I think because she knows that what she does.”

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