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7 Ways to Feel More Confident in the New Year


Ringing in the new year is often coupled with “new year, new me.” With the new year in sight, maybe you’re wondering how you’ll build your confidence in 2023. Increasing your self-esteem can be difficult. And, while it’s nice to get a boost from others, it’s important to find self-worth. From trying new foods to understanding your skills, here are seven ways to feel more confident in the new year.

1. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

There are so many exciting things about the holiday season. If one of your favorite holiday activities is shopping the sales, you may like this tip. Buying a new outfit can be a quick confidence boost. It usually feels good to throw on a new outfit and hit the town. Or pick out a new outfit to celebrate the new year in style.

While you’re at it, replace a few of your key clothing staples to refresh your wardrobe. A fresh pair of jeans can make you feel brand new. If you’re heading back to the office in January, pick up a new pair of slacks and a fun blazer. Adding a few new pieces to your closet can give you a little extra confidence.

2. Embrace a Skincare Routine

If you’re looking for a new routine to bring peace to your day, try focusing on your skincare. Creating a regimen can reduce stress and improve your mental health. Adding skincare to the mix will have you glowing in no time. Start simple with a cleanser and moisturizer. If you have acne-prone skin, try adding an acne prescription.

If going to a dermatologist feels intimidating, there are online options that can deliver prescriptions straight to your doorstep. Medical providers will work with you to make sure you have the right medication for your needs. As your skin improves, you can adjust your skincare as needed. With skin insecurities in your rearview mirror, you’re bound to gain confidence.

3. Focus on Nutrition

With a new year comes countless diet fads. Instead of focusing on restricting your diet this January, add nutritious foods to your diet. Try incorporating more whole foods. Treats like fruits and nuts can be great snacks. Adding a great multivitamin can also be an easy way to integrate more nutrients. If you’re always on the go, find a high protein breakfast bar to eat when you’re out and about.

Or, you could start your day with a nutrient-dense smoothie. Throw a mix of fruits, vegetables, protein powder or nut butter, seeds, and your choice of liquid into your blender. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Planning out your meals before hitting the grocery store can ensure that you’ll be getting your basic nutrients.

4. Move Your Body

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, nearly 12% of new gym enrollments happen in January. With New Year’s resolutions leading to more people exercising, it’s a great time to form new habits. Moving your body releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones like cortisol. This can lower your anxiety levels and increase your sense of well-being.

If hitting the gym isn’t your idea of fun, find a way to move your body that is. Try taking your dog for a long walk around the block. If you like to dance, find an online dance party cardio video to groove while you move. If you’re looking for something a little more Zen, try a local yoga studio.

5. Celebrate Your Wins

You know the feeling you get after winning an award or meeting a goal? That’s serotonin. This well-known hormone is considered a social chemical and is associated with the feeling of pride. It’s typically harder to remember this feeling than the feeling of frustration or sadness. In fact, humans are more likely to focus on negative experiences.

To combat your natural instinct to think negatively, try writing down your successes before you go to bed. They can be big or small. Maybe it’s that you woke up on your first alarm. Or maybe you saved a life on your way to work. Regardless of your win, acknowledging them can help lead to building self-assurance.

6. Know Your Strengths

In the same way that you should acknowledge your wins, you should also recognize your strengths. When you know what you’re good at, it gives you a sense of confidence. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a cardiac surgeon, it’s important to know what skills you have. Knowing your strengths can help you set yourself up for success. Not to mention, it can help increase your self-awareness.

Take a few minutes to self-assess. Then, ask your friends and family what they believe your strengths to be. Hearing these reassurances from an external source can increase your sense of self. Having a greater idea of your assets can not only improve your confidence but future career opportunities, as well.

7. Set New Goals

It goes without saying that the new year is all about aspiration. Maybe you’re celebrating wins from 2022. Hopefully, you’re setting new goals for 2023. When thinking about setting targets for the new year, categorize them into personal and professional categories. Making this distinction can help you recognize if you’re neglecting self-care and only prioritizing work.

When you set a goal and meet it, you create a sense of accomplishment. Feeling like you’ve achieved something, professionally or personally, can increase your self-confidence. When determining your resolutions, consider what will bring you joy over the next year. Add travel ideas, hobbies, and career aspirations to your to-do list. Your December 2023 self will thank you for setting yourself up for success.

Try slowly implementing these steps to build confidence in the new year. When in doubt, find an accountability partner. Grab a friend and go on a walk. Talk about your goals for the next year and how you’ll achieve them. Point out each other’s strengths over a nutritious lunch together. You’ll be beaming with confidence in no time!

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