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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using A Mass Gainer


Mass Gainer is one of the most popular supplements among fitness enthusiasts especially the gym goers who want to transform from lean to bulky body. But it is also getting popular among those guys who are fade up of being called hanger, skinny, boney, and many other derogatory words because of their thin physique. Body shaming is one of the biggest causes of these supplements becoming popular among teenagers who might not need these supplements. Those guys who fall in the trap of bandwagon end up facing many disadvantages of using mass gainer rather than advantages. Yes, the supplement has its own pros and cons, it depends on the usages. 

If you want to build muscle mass or you are someone with a skinny body that just won’t put on the kgs no matter what you eat, and all your hard work is going in vain. You are more likely to be suggested to use mass gainer. However, before you add these supplements to your routine, it is very important to understand first what the best mass gainers are? Are they safe to use etc.?  

People who are looking to gain muscle mass, it can be very challenging to get enough calories through the food alone. This is where mass gainers come in. It is a lot easier to drink the calories you need to achieve your goals without overly stuffing yourself with meals. If you are more curious about maintaining your health and fitness, check out this website for further details.

Mass Gainer Contents

A high quality mass gainer should have sufficient calories from carbs, protein, and fats, creatine for high performance, l-glutamine, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. So, it is a combination of protein, high carbohydrates, and low-fat powders that give you almost 500 calories or up to more than 1000 in a single serving. The higher carbohydrate content in it gives you enough energy and provides fuel to your muscles that help in mass gaining and quick recovery. Creatine and caffeine are the best ingredients to improve your performance and function as stimulants. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that helps in fast muscle recovery and improves the functionality of the immune system. Fibers, vitamins and minerals are responsible for digesting proteins and other nutrients that help to improve immunity in the body. Along with these ingredients, the supplement is a good source of protein that is one of the building blocks of skin and tissues that helps in building muscles and allows you to train harder with more intensity. 

Advantages Of Using Mass Gainer 

One of the biggest advantages of using mass gainers is that it gives you an extraordinary amount of calories. Generally a good supplement consists of 500 to 1500 or more calories in one serving. The supplement gives you the right amount of nutrients so that you can refuel your body and hit the gym hard in order to achieve your mass gaining goals. 

Mass gainers also are a great way to boost your metabolic health. The best quality mass gainers like ON Serious Mass, MyProtein gainer, MuscleBlaze  gainer are some of the mass gainers that contain no added sugar and saturated fats and give you the right nutrition for your body that is required to make the gains you want. 

It is a good source of creatine and caffeine that are very much important for your improving athletic performance. Creatine helps to improve your strength and endurance. It also helps in quick recovery after your intense workout. Along with that it maintains the energy that your body needs while lifting heavy weights. Also speeds up your reps of every set in any exercise. 

Caffeine is a stimulant that is used in many gainers to improve athletic performance in the gym. Actually, it helps to improve brain function by improving alertness so that you will have full focus on training while working out. It also helps you to avoid the fatigue or injuries due to lack of concentration. 

L-Glutamine in the supplement is a crucial amino acid that helps protein synthesis. So that your body can absorb the protein fully and could improve intestinal health as well as the immune system. Along with immune and intestinal cells, it is responsible for improving white blood cells. 

Mass gainers can help you to reach your body composition goal but make sure you don’t entirely rely on it, along with it get the right nutrition from the food as well. 

Disadvantages Of Using Mass Gainers 

Before you decide to include these supplements to your diet, make sure you’re not overestimating the amount of calories you need. As most of the people don’t have the clear guidelines on how much they need and they end up overshooting the calorie goals. 

The supplements with a large amount of caffeine can help you to perform well in the gym but it can be cause of many sleepless nights as it is a potential stimulant. 

People with lactose allergy can have issues with the supplement especially made of whey protein. Many people can face digestive problems if they are not having enough fibers in their diets. 

If you are taking the supplement in the large amount without doing the required amount of exercises, you end up storing unwanted fats. 

If you know your nutritional needs, you might be able to achieve your goals with a less and high calorie and filling drink because it takes time to build muscles and adding extra to your nutritional needs to quickly can make you gain mass in the form of fat. 

Conclusion: Every individual body requirement is different. Using mass gainer is the right strategy only if you will track your calories accurately and consistently. The moment you go overboard with the calories you are going to sabotage your hard work. The first approach should always be whole foods paired with high-quality mass gainers to get all the nutrients you need to perform at the best level. You can also consult a professional dietitian that will help you to understand what you need to and how much quantity of mass gainer you need.

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