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Afghanistan War, just over!


According to Bloomberg News, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar, to end the 18-year-old war.

  Express! The United States and Afghanistan issue joint statement, U.S. military plans to withdraw within 14 months

  According to AFP news, the United States and the Afghan government issued a joint statement saying that the United States plans to withdraw all troops within 14 months.

  It is reported that on the 29th local time, before the U.S. and the Taliban signed the agreement, Washington and Kabul said in a joint statement that if the Taliban abide by the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar on the 29th, the United States and its allies will switch from Afghanistan withdraws all its troops.

  The statement said that within 135 days after the agreement was signed on the 29th, the U.S. military will initially be reduced to 8,600 people, and the United States and its allies “will complete the withdrawal of the remaining troops stationed in Afghanistan within 14 months … and will withdraw from the remaining bases. All troops. “

  Since the United States launched the Afghanistan war in 2001, more than 2,400 US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has become the longest-running war in American history. Although the U.S. official did not publicly mention the timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the US media estimated that after the U.S. and the Taliban signed a peace agreement, the size of the U.S. garrison in Afghanistan would drop from about 13,000 to 8600.

  Since October 2018, the U.S. government and the Taliban have held multiple rounds of negotiations in Doha. The two sides were close to reaching an agreement in early September last year, after which the United States suddenly stopped negotiations. In December 2019, the two sides resumed negotiations. On the 12th of this month, several sources familiar with the progress of the negotiations between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan disclosed that if the Taliban can significantly reduce violence, the two sides may sign an agreement as soon as this month. If the agreement is signed, it will push the United States to eventually withdraw about 13,000 troops from Afghanistan and start the internal peace dialogue process in Afghanistan. On the 21st of this month, US Secretary of State Pompeo said that if the “reduction of violence” agreement reached between the US and the Afghan Taliban is successfully implemented, the two sides will sign a peace agreement on February 29.

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