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India arrests fake surgeon for extorting money from women


Influenced by the role of Kabir Singh in the Indian film, An Indian citizen has been arrested as a fake surgeon for cheating on women and blackmailing them.

According to the Indian website NDTV, a 31-year-old resident of the Indian city of Delhi, inspired by Shahid Kapoor’s role as an orthopedic surgeon in the film Kabir Singh created a fake account on dating websites in which he identified himself as an orthopedic surgeon, the accused used a fake account to lure women into marriage and blackmailed them using their private photos and videos to raise money.

According to the local Indian police, accused Anand Kumar along with his accomplice Priyam Yadav have been arrested. The accused was arrested while processing a complaint received from an affected doctor.

The victim told police in a statement that “Anand talked to her through a fake account and promised to marry her. Anand threatened to leak her private photos and videos and took Rs 30,000 from her.”

According to police, Anand Kumar had created a fake profile on various dating websites in which he changed his name from Anand to Dr. Rohit Gujral and identified himself as an orthopedic surgeon.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Cell) Anish Rai, the accused has previously worked in an event management firm, the accused was to meet aspiring people working in films and dramas, the accused created a fake account using a photo of one of the models and posed as a doctor.

According to the statement given by the accused Anand during the investigation, “He had made this plan after watching the film Kabir Singh, he used to ask girls for numbers after talking on websites, under the pretext of his mother’s illness, he forbade calls and video calls and in a few days won the trust of the girls and promised to marry them and he also asked them to send him their private photos and videos.

According to accused Anand Kumar, he had been doing all this for the last four months and had trapped many girls like this, some of the girls thought I was in trouble and would marry them as soon as things got better, a girl had also applied for a loan of Rs 500,000 from a bank to help me.

According to police, Anand Kumar was arrested through his fake account and his facilitator’s bank account details. Anand’s facilitator had given him his bank account to solicit money from the girls.

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