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Importing Pakistani Mangoes To Japan This Year Was A Challenge


Imtiaz Ahmed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Japan, said that despite the Corona epidemic and difficult conditions, Pakistani mango exports to Japan would be able to exceed 50 percent of the target thanks to diplomatic efforts and cooperation from the Japanese government.“It was a challenge to import mangoes to Japan this year, but we have been able to import them this year as well. Last year we worked hard and this year we did it,” the Pakistani ambassador told Jang. One of the biggest challenges this year was the availability of cargo for imports.He said that the second challenge for the import of mangoes was its inspection. Every year the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan sends an inspector to Pakistan who used to go to Pakistan and inspect it and thus its import was allowed in Japan. Inspector Korona could not go to Pakistan due to the epidemic.Ambassador of Pakistan Imtiaz Ahmed said that we discussed the matter with the Japanese government and took special permission to import mangoes to Japan through inspection from our Pakistani company without a Japanese inspector. Fortunately, we succeeded. On the other hand, the importer arranged the cargo through another airline so this year there has been no impact on the import of Pakistani mangoes and we are moving towards our target, and this year more than forty to fifty percent of Pakistani mangoes are imported to Japan. WillAsked about the increase in Pakistani exports to Japan, Imtiaz Ahmed said, “We are working on various products, we are also working on information technology as it is a huge industry in which Japan will have 4.5 million people in the near future.” In addition, we are also working in the textile sector, we will try to increase textile exports to Japan.He said that the scope of agriculture is very wide. Take the example of mango. So far only two varieties of mango are being imported ie Sindhri and China and now we have requested to import five more varieties in Japan. They are also in talks to import fruits such as canoe, fresh and frozen vegetables.Imtiaz Ahmed said that the rest of the products are also in high demand, we are trying to bring Pakistani surgical instruments and sports equipment to Japan, we are also trying for marine products because it is in great demand in Japan.In addition, Pakistan has a lot of non-traditional products that are being worked on, such as shoes. For the first time in Japan’s history, we have imported shoes, we are trying our best to increase our exports to Japan.

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