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A Few Benefits of Implementing Quality Control during Production


While importing any manufactured goods from China, one of the main concerns of the importers remains about the quality of products. Chinese goods are notoriously famous for offering a very poor quality of products over the years, which often restrained the importers all over the world to buy any ‘Made in China’ product.

Chinese manufacturers have also realized this shortcoming of their produced output and have nowadays implemented DUPRO inspection that stands for “During Production Inspection”. This new concept has brought a radical change in the quality of Chinese products on the market.

As a result, Chinese products can be seen nowadays almost everywhere on the market and people are no longer complaining about a quality issue as much, that was the norm a few years back.

Quality management will ensure that any product or service will be consistent, which may include the 4 main components:

  • QP (Quality planning)
  • QA (Quality assurance)
  • QC (Quality control)
  • QI (Quality improvement)

Quality management will focus on any product or service quality, but at the same time, also on the methods to achieve it, and that includes inspections. Inspection can be of many different types that also includes DUPRO.

What is DUPRO?

DUPRO inspectionwill identify various product issues during the earlier phases of the manufacturing process. Therefore, the entire inspection will be conducted on-site as soon as around 20 percent of the process during the time when production has been already completed. This may cover the following few items:

  • Visual inspection
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Physical requirements like dimensions and weights
  • Special tests specific needed to your product
  • Functional testing
  • Drop testing
  • Barcode verification
  • Other necessary tests
  • Workmanship
  • Quantity of finished items
  • Production situation
  • Colours and style
  • Artworks
  • Any shipping marks
  • Safety tests
  • Durability test
  • Any special client’s requirements

What is actually during production inspection?

As far as during production check is concerned, it is going to take place right on the site where production activities are going on. As soon as almost 20 to 80 percent of the production will be completed and are ready for packing for shippingDUPRO inspectionwill take place.

In this kind of inspection process, randomly a few units will be selected from the completed finished product and check whether or not the factory is following the original specifications on all the samples picked during the test.

A DUPRO will help the company to ensure that its production stays perfectly on track.

What is this during production inspection meant for?

The products on the shop floor of the entire production line will be checked by a QC inspector for ensuring that only the right quality of finished products are packed.

This will help in checking the product quality that already has been achieved out of the total production line and must have already gone through factory quality control.

Hence, it is very important for every company to complete a proper DUPRO inspection test for ensuring that they are running quite smoothly, having no issues, and thus, only top-quality products will be going to customers.

How quality checks are performed?

For every manufacturing company, quality control is going to be the key process for ensuring that the production and business run well. A quality control programme will ensure that the company business will deliver consistently good products or services.

Developing a proper quality control process will allow your business for operating to full scale. As word will spread, the company will soon gain a very good reputation that will keep customers again coming back.

These checks will include:

  • Setting the quality standards
  • To decide which quality standards the company should focus on
  • To create operational processes for delivering quality
  • Reviewing the results
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Making improvements

What is included within a DUPRO checklist?

During each production process stage, inspectors will prepare a complete and detailed report of their inspection, supported with pictures for providing the comprehensive info and data that is needed. The DUPRO checklist will include:

  • Production status
  • Evaluation of production line
  • Production timeline verification
  • A random sampling of the entire semi-finished and also finished products
  • Package and also packaging material
  • Complete assessment
  • Final recommendations

Why does DUPRO make sense?

Such DUPRO inspection will be important as inspecting the products during their manufacturing process will identify any issues quickly and also correct them much before they will move any further down the line.

If the management waits until the product gets packed and is ready for dispatch, it will be very late to correct the issues that will cost the company more and also waste time. Therefore, it makes sense in investing in a certain DUPRO service.

Benefits of DUPRO Inspections

Basically, there are going to be 3 potential milestones for most of the production processes for every manufacturing company in China. Therefore, it will be advisable to consider sending a certain third-party inspection company.

This third-party inspection company can always visit the manufacturing company and inspect the total production activities. The best time to inspect is generally when the production process is going to start.

The necessary correction if needed during the process of production will be easier to implement when the product is under the manufacturing process. Once the product has already been made, then it becomes too much inconvenient to do any rework if any issues are discovered.

Particularly in the Chinese production environment, online inspection during the time when production is in the process can be the only right time for inspection.

This inspection will provide the person who is inspecting with a complete understanding of the whole production process, while the products are under manufacturing.

While inspecting during pre-production, the inspector can tell the production line, whether the manufacturing can now start in the way as decided.

Checking and inspecting product during the pre-shipment stage can identify whether the products that were ordered by the customer are exactly the same that was made.

If a suitable agency is hired in China to do such kind of in-process or DUPRO kind of production inspection then their inspector can identify whether the supplier has followed the production plan properly and is producing the required products as ordered by the customer according to their expectations.

Learn more about the quality control department and its duties in a medium-scale business organization, on this website:

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