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Best Places you can Visit in Thailand this Year


Many of you might be dreaming to visit Thailand someday, as this is one of the beautiful countries in the whole world. Thailand has always been known for the land of nature, with very few human developments over there. Plus there are several parts of Thailand that are conserved for nature, and no human development is allowed over there. And these are some of the reasons which have made Thailand one of the attractive destinations for tourists from all around the world. Now if you have already decided to visit this beautiful country this year, then you need to know about all the Best Places to Visit in Thailand. AS obvious the time would be really short for you, so it is better than you already decide which parts of Thailand you need to visit and make a list of all of them.



If you are looking at something that is close to nature, and historical as well then Ayutthaya Historical Park should be the one on your list. Ayutthaya is basically a city just outside the Bangkok, and you can get there after an easy drive of sixty minutes. This city was considered as the Capital of Thailand until it got destroyed by Burmese in 1767. In that year the whole city was burned down and got buried beneath the earth. Now archaeologists are just trying to dig those remains out from the earth. And now if you visit this area then you can see all the remains of the city, which is for sure an attraction for all the tourists. There are several huge Buddha statues as well which attracts tourists.

Grand Palace

grand palace thailand

After history comes the royal life of Thailand, and for that Bangkok Grand Palace is worth visiting. This huge palace is spread over two hundred and eighteen thousand square meters. This palace was built right after Ayutthaya was destroyed, and since then Bangkok was declared as the capital of Thailand. This whole palace was equalled to the city for the highest standard people in Thailand. This whole palace consists of the royal residences, huge temples of Buddha, luxurious Throne hall, and for work, there were several offices as well for Government officers.

There is something you need to know about the grand palace, and that is you cannot just walk inside the palace. In order to visit this huge palace, you need to reserve your tour, which is almost 400 Thai Baht for each person. As with any Buddha temple, there is a proper dress code required, in the same way, you cannot walk in the palace in short skirts or any other revealing clothes. To avoid any inconvenience try to wear loose and those clothes which cover your whole body. As the Thai Government is really strict about their culture and values.

Floating Market

floating market thailand

You might have been to the supermarket every now and then for shopping and to purchase groceries. And for that, you would just sit in your car, and reach a supermarket. But there is a unique market in Thailand which would leave you out of surprise. This market is named as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and as it is obvious by the name that this whole market is just floating on the water. And if you need to buy anything then you need to ride in a boat.

This is a real market, and it is fully functional with every kind of shop. And due to this unique way of purchasing stuff, brings a lot of tourists to this market. This market is about at the distance of 90 minutes’ drive from Bangkok. As a tourist, it is obvious you need to hire a taxi to reach this market. Besides this many hotels also provide their car services for you in this market, and they will also bring you back to the hotel at approximately 2000 Thai Baht. This place gets quite messy with so many tourists, so the best time for you to reach here is early morning. And here you can find some amazing breakfast while sitting in your boat. There are several vendors around the market Fried Food, Pancakes, Fruits, Noodles, and spring rolls. As obvious you do not own a boat here, so you just have to rent a boat. People here do not speak English, so probably you are going to need a guide with yourself. Even the boats are not so cheap, because they are rented for 2000 Thai Baht for an hour. So make sure that you have plenty of cash with yourself while you are here because credit cards are not accepted by these vendors.

Chiang Mai Night Market

Chiang Mai Night Market

If you want to experience the true beauty of nightlife in Thailand, then you need to visit Chiang Mai Night Walking Street every Sunday. Though this market lit up every evening, on Sunday there is a Grand Bazar, and Whole Street is decorated well. If there is something you are looking for low prices and high in quality, then you need to visit this market in evening. Here you are going to find several restaurants, arts and craft shops, grocery shops, jewellery shops, clothing shops, shoe shops.

In this market, you will also find the finest and pure Thai Silk at very reasonable prices. In short, you can plan your whole shopping over here. But on Sunday there is always something extra like some beautifully decorated Buddha Temples, Musicians, and roadside market. And if you can negotiate for prices, then you can even get stuff with best deals. This market starts in the evening and lasts till midnight.

Tiger Kingdom

Tiger Kingdom

For the next spot, you need to be a daredevil because here you are going to face to face with one of the fierce creatures on this earth. There is a town known as Mae Rim which is known to be the homeland of Tigers. And yes, here you will face a new tiger at every footstep. This place is known as the Tiger Kingdom because this place is home to thousands of tigers of every size and age. All of these tigers are help in captive, and they are raised here as well.

All of these tigers are take care by some of the experienced trainers and fed with enough meat every day. These tigers are really friendly, as they spend several hours every day playing with their trainers. None of these tigers is taught to hunt, so in short, this is going to be a safe trip for you. You can spend a few minutes with a tiger for about 2000 Thai Baht, and take pictures of them as well. All of these tigers are healthy and active, despite being some myths about them being drugged or tranquillized.

Elephant Sanctuary

elephant sanctuary

Now last but not least is the Elephant Nature Park. As you all know about the significance of Elephants in Thailand, so due to that there is a whole sanctuary for elephants. Even there are elephants from other parts of the world as well to take care of them. And this is for sure one of the best chance for you to get face to face with one of the biggest animals on land. So these were some of the best tourism destinations for you while you are here, and no doubt every single of them is worth visiting.

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