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What Does A Corporate Travel Manager Do?


With 400 million Americans going on business trips every year, business travel is a thriving industry.

When businesses are over a certain size, managing the travel of the employees can get really tricky. Budgets need to be created and trips organized. This is where a corporate travel manager comes in.

Keep reading to learn more about the role a corporate travel manager plays in your business.

What Is A Corporate Travel Manager?

Corporate travel managers make the travel arrangements for your company. This includes:

  • booking flights
  • buying tickets
  • organizing accommodation
  • booking transportation
  • any other travel-related tasks that come up.

Corporate travel managers are also responsible for outlining travel budgets and policies. These are specific guidelines to ensure travel runs smoothly and employees are comfortable. It also helps reduce strain on your company’s budget.

Corporate travel managers cultivate client relationships too. They find the best travel deals and they negotiate with clients to secure cheaper rates in exchange for booking with them.

When the company is especially large travel managers use software to help them manage everything from one central system.

If your business doesn’t currently use travel management software, check out

Why Do Businesses Need A Travel Manager?

Corporate travel is an inevitable part of being a large business. When you have a corporate travel manager it ensures that travel runs smoothly.

Imagine if a business manager arrived late to an important meeting because they booked the wrong flight. Or an employee keeps getting lost because they booked at a hotel too far away from where they need to be.

Travel managers streamline and standardize your travel processes. They are a central point where all employees report to when dealing with travel-related issues. They become your travel experts.

A travel manager or management team means your employees don’t need to lose time by trying to make their own arrangements. Without a travel manager, employees would do their own research and coordinate with each other. This would either be happening on company time or in their personal time, both of which aren’t ideal.

The client relationships a travel manager cultivates are important. They mean cheaper rates for your business, which adds up when you’ve got a lot of employees traveling. Having someone dedicated to the job and maintaining these relationships benefits your company’s budget.

Becoming a Corporate Travel Manager

If this job interests you, then the best way to get into it is to get a bachelor’s in tourism or a similar degree. You can also improve your chances of getting hired by having experience in travel and management roles.

Skills that help you survive in this field include being good at multitasking and communication. You’ll be doing a lot of small tasks all the time, and you’ll spend a lot of your time communicating with other departments and corporate managers.

Corporate Travel Managers

If you’ve got a large business, it saves you money when you have one person dedicated to managing travel arrangements. Hire a corporate travel manager today!

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