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Can We Trust Cosmetic Surgery Experts?


Plastic and cosmetic surgery have been viewed with skepticism and mistrust by many, and these concerns are not entirely unjustified. There are horror stories of people, mainly women, who have been badly disfigured or their bodies destroyed. And unfortunately, there is often not much that victims can do about it. CityWatch LA argues that much of our medical system is meant to protect doctors at the expense of patients, which means that patients have little recourse in case things go wrong.

But that does not mean that you should avoid cosmetic surgery entirely. It just means that patients need to do their due. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your teeth’s appearance, performance, and functionality. Cosmetic dentistry involves treatment of teeth to improve the appearance, performance and overall health of the teeth. This site covers all cosmetic dental procedures you might want to consider for your smile.

Checking Certification and Qualifications

You cannot just see that your plastic surgeon has a MD and assume that he is a qualified surgeon. For example, there is a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is used to describe less invasive procedures which require less qualifications such as Botox training for nurses.

Regardless of what procedure you are doing, you should make sure that your doctor is qualified in that specific procedure, instead of a family physician who sometimes injects Botox every now and then. For more invasive procedures, you will want to ensure that the doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Ask any potential doctor for specific questions about the procedure, their qualifications, and what their certifications are. If they cannot provide good, specific answers, walk away regardless of whatever positives they may have.

Figuring out Reviews

When we go to a restaurant or barber, we often check out review sites like Yelp, and cosmetic and plastic surgeons are no different. But we also know that reviews are not wholly reliable. Businesses play around with fake reviews of their own, and those with an agenda can leave reviews which are not wholly reliable.

So how should patients use reviews? Instead of just looking at the number of positive reviews to negative reviews, consider placing a greater emphasis on the negative reviews. When looking at negative reviews, there are two things you want to see.

First, what is the specific complaint? You want to make sure that the complaint is something relevant to your concerns.

Second, did the surgeon do anything to address said complaint? You want to see that if something goes wrong, the surgeon values customer service and will not just blow off said complaints. If the answers to these two questions are unsatisfactory, you should look elsewhere.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes, things just feel off. You do not know why, but maybe there is something about the surgeon you do not like for some reason. Maybe he says something strange or even just looks at you funny.

Small moments like these may seem to be pointless, but they in fact can be hugely important. If something feels off to you, do not hesitate to look elsewhere. Most plastic surgeries are not urgent affairs, and you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. It is thus critical to go with someone you can trust.

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