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HIPEC in colon cancer treatment


Colon cancer is the second most common cancer type in the world. Typically, the disease begins with small, benign polyps in the colon. Over time, polyps can transform into a malignant tumor. If colon cancer has developed, currently there are many innovative treatments for it. You can easily find all information about cancer treatment on our website at the following link:

The role of HIPEC in colon cancer treatment

In colon cancer, the peritoneum is affected by cancer cells in 15% of cases. Previously patients with such a health condition were considered incurable. Today with the hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) they have a chance of recovery.

Currently, HIPEC chemotherapy is actively used in many medical institutions. Thanks to this innovative method, it is possible to reduce mortality rates, increase survival rates, and prevent the development of cancer recurrence in colon cancer patients.

How HIPEC is performed?

The HIPEC procedure includes the introduction of chemotherapy drugs heated to a temperature of 42°C directly into the abdominal cavity. The procedure is carried out after the cytoreductive surgery.

During the surgery, zones of the peritoneum and affected by metastases adjacent internal organs are removed. Often the intestines, spleen, and gallbladder are affected.

First, the surgeon removes all visible malignant neoplasms and metastases, and only then injects the drugs into the abdominal cavity. For injection, tubes, and temperature sensors to control the temperature of the administered drugs are placed in the patient’s peritoneum.

Chemotherapy lasts for 30-90 minutes. During this time the patient is under general anesthesia.

Benefits of HIPEC

The HIPEC method for the treatment of colon cancer has many advantages.

The high temperature itself can damage and cause the death of cancer cells. In addition, the high temperature makes them more vulnerable to the action of chemotherapy drugs.

Besides, an increase in temperature usually triggers an immune response, precisely an increase in the number of lymphocytes – immune cells that can destroy cancer cells.

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy works better than conventional chemotherapy, as during HIPEC drugs are in direct contact with cancer cells. Besides, drugs practically do not enter the bloodstream with HIPEC chemotherapy and do not cause side effects.

This makes it possible to use the concentration of chemotherapy drugs 20, 50, and even 100 times higher than in systemic chemotherapy. Cancer cells inside the abdominal cavity receive lethal doses, and the healthy tissues practically do not suffer from chemotherapy side effects.

The cost of HIPEC for colon cancer treatment

The HIPEC surgery cost varies, as the prices depend on the hospitals, the specifics of the disease, and the complexity of its treatment.

For example, in Germany HIPEC chemotherapy and HIPEC surgery cost is 38,402-67,578 EUR.

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How can I undergo HIPEC treatment during a lockdown?

Many countries have closed their borders following the lockdown regimen, due to the spread of the COVID-19. Thus, undergoing treatment abroad has become more complicated.

In case you need to undergo HIPEC colon cancer treatment promptly, to continue your treatment abroad, or to make sure you get the best treatment possible, know that you can still undergo treatment abroad even if your country is in lockdown.

Booking Health can facilitate the arrangement of HIPEC colon cancer treatment by providing the following services:

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  • Translation of medical reports
  • Solving the issues with receiving a medical visa, even if the request for a visa has been declined
  • If due to lockdown the embassy is closed completely, Booking Health resolves the issue through the federal police
  • Medical visa extension when it is necessary to continue the treatment abroad
  • Flight and accommodation booking
  • Interpreting services

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