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Marketing Tips For Manufacturers And Product Developers


When you’re in manufacturing and product development, you don’t have as many opportunities to grab customers as retail businesses. Marketing teams for manufacturing companies have to work double-time to complete alluring marketing projects by their shrink sleeve-tight deadlines.

If you’re a project manager for your company’s marketing projects, you know the headaches of trying to create marketing campaigns that attract regular consumers. When your target market is retailers and even wholesalers, your marketing campaigns have to be even more elaborate and effective than for average consumers. Continue reading to get some valuable insights to help you with everything from managing team members’ workflows to other project management functions like packaging design and content marketing.

Hire team members with enthusiasm and pro-level sharpness.

Whether you’re trying to sell beverages or medicine, happiness and enthusiasm sell. That’s why project managers should prioritize passion and energy among the characteristics they look for in future team members. Team members who are spirited and unafraid to take initiative tend to make workloads lighter for project managers.

Equip your marketing team with the tools and freedom they need to succeed.

It’s natural for project managers to want to hover and micromanage every phase of a marketing campaign, but the reason you have team members is that you can’t do everything. It’s easy for friction to arise in creative teams when the project manager is too overbearing, so the best thing you can do is equip them with the right tools and tend to the tasks that most need your attention.

Luckily, there are also project management tools to aid project managers as well. Welcome is a marketing management software that helps project managers and creative teams take their games to the next level. The Welcome project management software allows for easy integration of other collaboration tools like Slack and Trello. You can communicate and delegate to your entire marketing department while getting feedback on your marketing campaigns in real-time.

The way you package your product says a lot about it.

Your packaging for your products is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have at your disposal. Whether your products come in boxes, tubes, or shrink sleeves, you want it to say, “Buy me!”

Cooljarz offers shrink sleeve labeling machines that allow small businesses to have full creative control over their packaging and labeling. Their shrink sleeve labeling machines are much smaller than traditional steam tunnels and easier and safer to use than traditional heat guns.

You should have your marketing team put together focus groups to find out which shrink sleeve labels are the most appealing to your customer base. Whenever you develop or change your look, your goal should be to give the people what they want.

Use social media to your advantage.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of people really love social media. In fact, social media has become arguably the most powerful medium for marketing campaigns. Your goal should be to be one of the pads users see when they scroll down their timelines.

When you’re in the manufacturing industry, you should be trying to reach potential customers across the globe. There’s no better way to introduce your company to different countries than social media. Not only is it a cost-efficient and easy way to create engaging marketing campaigns, but it’s also effective.

Prioritize customer experience.

Nothing says more about your company to potential customers than how your current customers feel about you. These days, your customer experience is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

You should put as much energy into optimizing your customer experience as you put into attracting potential customers. Creating a premium customer experience is about making sure you meet deadlines and exceed expectations on your deliverables.

For manufacturing companies, marketing is about hiring the right people for their marketing team, providing their project managers and team members with the right tools, and utilizing social media. After all, marketing campaigns don’t have to be expensive—they simply need to look expensive.

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