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New Technologies Are discovered for cancer treatment that could be effective in 2020!


We all know that cancer is a prevalent disease and cause deaths every year in all over the world. Researchers are working on it conscientiously, and they are focusing on how to stop this deadly disease.

Have they got effective treatments for cancer or not? Here we will discuss that. Many technologies have developed, but we are talking about some discovered strategies that could be useful in 2020.

According to the World Health Organization report, Almost 1 in 6 deaths happen due to cancer. Nowadays, breast cancer in women, liver and lungs cancer in men and women, prostate cancer in men and blood cancer are widespread rapidly.

Currently, in cancer treatment technologies, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tumour surgery and hormonal therapy are included. Moreover, some new cancer treatment type is coming to that help to defeat cancer efficiently. Here we are sharing some new cancer treatment therapies that could be helpful in 2020.

Boost up immune System

One cancer treatment therapy is called immunotherapy which helps to reinforce the bodies against foreign bodies and harmful cells. Some aggressive cancer types are spread quickly and become resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Therapeutic Viruses

A new and surprising treatment for cancer is therapeutic viruses revealed by the United Kingdom this year.  In experiments, they use reovirus to attack brain cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone.

It was very first time when seen that therapeutic viruses can pass through the blood-brain barrier. Authors explained that this theory could be used to treat patients with aggressive brain cancers.

Dendritic Vaccines

Furtherly, Another cancer treatment strategy is used for cancer treatment which is called “dendritic vaccines.” In this dendritic cells are collected from a person’s body and armed with tumour specific antigens.

Nanoparticles Revolution

Recently in the past couple of years, a new technology ‘nanoparticle or nanotechnology’ was seen for cancer treatments. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles and bring the chances to develop a less invasive method of tackling the disease.

They target cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Moreover, nanoparticles also provide hyperthermic treatment that uses hot temperatures and makes cancer tumours shrink.


As you know, Cancer has become one of a dangerous disease, and due to it, many deaths occur every year.

Doctors and researchers are trying to find the best treatment for cancer. Above mentioned, these are recently developed methods to treat cancer that could be effective in 2020.

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