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Why is Java Script so important for the web?


JavaScript is one of the top programming languages used in web development, according to recent surveys, it’s the most commonly used for the eight year in a row, used by 69.7% of professional developers. Although there are other programming languages like HTML, CSS, or SQL, JavaScript is used by over 90% of all websites. Why is it so important for the web? This article will discuss this question in more detail.  

What is JavaScript?

If you are starting as a web developer or plan to become one, you will need to know and understand what JavaScript is. Created in 1995, JavaScript was initially used for the Netscape Navigator Web Browser, but eventually Microsoft browsers started using it and it became the customary programming language.

In simple terms, JavaScript animates web browsers, in other words, it makes it more interactive for the user. Instead of leaving a web page static, JavaScript allows it to be more functional, creating a higher quality user experience. It can include anything like contact forms, drop-down menus, maps, videos, audio, animations, new content added to a page without it reloading or refreshing, autocomplete, and much more – these are known as elements on the web page.

How Does JavaScript Work?

Can you recall an instance when your internet lost connection, but you could still view your loaded web page? That is how a client side script (front-end) works, which is how JavaScript primarily applies to websites. More specifically, when a web application is loaded, from the user’s side (whether it’s from a computer or mobile), it connects to a remote server, which in turn enables the web page to show the information on the user’s side.

JavaScript as a client side script does not require the remote server to interact with the client’s web browser in order to function. Conversely, JavaScript can also be applied on the back-end, also known as the server side. This is enabled by Node.js, which is an open-source runtime that facilitates JavaScript code external to a web browser.   

JavaScript is also used to develop different types of apps related to the web and servers, mobile apps, and games built for a browser are just a few examples. However, it can be a complex language to learn, especially starting out, which is why there are JavaScript libraries like JQuery and Backbone.js to simplify certain interactive elements.

JavaScript for Beginners

You can start learning JavaScript from your web browser on your computer, it’s already installed. From the Chrome web browser, select the settings option in the top right hand corner and under ‘More Tools’ you will find ‘Developer tools’, which will display the coding console.

There are numerous online resources to start practicing JavaScript. JavaScript for beginners, namely JSBeginners, offers over 100 projects, with downloadable source files, a summary of the project, as well as an estimated timeframe to complete it in. Levels range from easy to intermediate with videos that offer the solutions if needed and an example of the project ‘in action’. Some projects included are the following, ‘Change Background Color’, ‘Random Quotes’, ‘Background Image Slider’, ‘Calculator’, ‘To Do List’, ‘Grocery Cart’, ‘2D Breakout Game’, ‘Digital Clock’, ‘Event Countdown Timer’, and many more.

When first starting to learn JavaScript the best place to start is with the original JavaScript, also termed Vanilla JavaScript. After you have a good understanding of it, you can try frameworks and libraries, which are already-assembled sets of code that make it easier and more time-saving to use.

What Are The Benefits of JavaScript?

The advantages of using JavaScript is that it’s a valuable skill for anyone to have (even if it won’t be used) in a technology-based career. However, for anyone in the web development industry, it’s necessary. Being proficient in JavaScript will also create more career opportunities due to it’s high demand. Additionally, JavaScript offers a diversity of options to work with, namely, front-end and back-end.  


JavaScript is an intricate integration for the web right now, not only is it a multi-faceted tool and skill, easily learned by complete beginners, but it is also the most in-demand programming language used for the web.

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