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Service Software Trends of 2021


To make life easier for private people and other companies, software developers are introducing new software every year. So, what are the latest trends that we have learned about in 2021? COVID-19 has influenced the whole world in 2021. But when an event is turning the world upside down, software designers will also see new potential for tasks that can be solved by service software. New, required features might have become visible when computer systems suddenly should support home working.

At the same time, we have also seen how previous trends have become even more focused and developed, like talks about AI technologies, which have been at the table for a long time.

So, which way has the wind been blowing and what does the weather forecast of service software look like, when we see how the developments have been? We take a dig into the latest trends.

Use of blockchain

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, different services should also support the use of payments by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is leading to increased use of blockchain technology in the services, so the software developers can make sure that enhanced security will protect the users from hacker attacks and different kinds of fraud. As you see more administration of signing contracts or transferring money is moving deeper and deeper into the digital world, you can also expect that blockchain technology will increase even further in use.

Going into the cloud

More and more services don’t require taking up space at the users’ computer. More and more programs run online, and the data is moving into being saved online in the cloud, rather than on people’s personal hard drives. This leads to a user expectation of use of cloud services, where you only need a login to access your data. Maybe COVID-19 is a factor behind this since people had to access their work files from their computers at home. So simply the times have changed towards a multi-access to the cloud.

Using AI

Crucial to service software is to optimize workflows and reduce the number of errors made by humans. Therefore, we see an increased amount of machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence to let the software take care of even more advanced tasks. We’ve seen software using video material from drones to update foresters on potential fires or other dangers. This wouldn’t be possible without the use of advanced AI technology, and there’s no doubt that this is just an early generation of the use of machine learning.

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