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Strategies For Communicating Big Company News To Your Employees


Is there a major change coming to your company soon? Whether you’ve decided to require minimal zoom backgrounds for remote workers, are getting bought out by a larger company, are expanding your workforce, or are making any other change to the business, communicating that change to your employees effectively is the key to a successful transition. Without good communication, you could risk alienating your workers, confusing the workforce, and even losing some top employees. Fortunately, implementing the right strategies for business communication can help you steer away from those scenarios and get the big news across efficiently. Here’s what you may want to do in order to break the news to your employees in the most effective manner possible.

Sharing Information To A Large Group

Regardless of whether you want to call an in-person, company-wide meeting to share your news or whether you’d rather use a remote platform and a google meet office background to get the news out, there are a few major moves that may deserve company-wide communications efforts. For minor changes, you may be able to reach out to a few workers individually. For changes affecting the entire company, however, you may have to share information with a large group. Examples of major changes include:

  • Company mergers or acquisitions
  • Financial issues or financial boom times
  • New marketing or public relations strategies
  • Changes in middle or upper management
  • New salary or benefits packages
  • General company restructurings

There are several approaches that could help you communicate this news well. Depending on your company’s size, structure, and culture, you can opt for one or combine methods. Some tried-and-true options might include aiming to:

  • Call a general meeting, either in person or by video call, to let everyone know at one time
  • Send out a blind-copied email to all employees
  • Call in employees one by one to tell them the news in person
  • Broadcast the news simultaneously across several channels, potentially including your company’s website or social media pages
  • Dispel rumors by sending out memos throughout the process

Practicing Transparency

Whatever route you go for communicating the big news, whether you choose to do it online with immersive view zoom backgrounds, via phone calls, via in-person meetings, or via another method, it’s essential that you always practice transparency and honesty. Letting employees know that keeping them informed is important to you can go a long way in terms of:

  • Boosting workers’ morale
  • Keeping everyone in the loop
  • Treating all employees equally
  • Upholding company mores and values
  • Maintaining a trustworthy reputation in the industry

No matter what type of news you have to break to your workforce, taking the right communicative approach can make the upcoming shift as simple as possible. Before communicating big company news to your employees, make sure to take at least a few of the steps outlined above. Calling a general meeting, letting top employees know personally, and always remembering to practice transparency and fairness throughout the process can bolster your communication efforts and can help ensure that the upcoming change goes smoothly.

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