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9 Benefits of Learning an Instrument


You’ve always thought about learning an instrument. It could be fun, and you desperately need a new hobby. Having an enjoyable pastime is only one benefit of attending music lessons.

Mastering an instrument can fill you with a sense of pride and give you a huge boost of self-confidence. You’ll feel less stressed out all the time, and the lessons will help you sharpen your mind.

Your memory will increase and playing music can even make you more creative. These are only a few benefits that you can look forward to. Keep reading for more reasons why you should sign up for lessons.

1. You’ll Make New Friends

Everyone can use more friends. If your social circle is a little on the smaller side, you might be able to benefit from taking lessons with the music store at

You’ll get to connect with other people who have a passion for music. There’s something about creating a product that can bring people closer together.

You won’t only be able to share your love of music with your friends from classes. Your family may ask you to play at gatherings, or you can go out and brighten the day of people in your community. The social possibilities are endless.

2. Music Will Reduce Your Stress Levels

With the daily hustle and bustle, it’s easy to stay stressed out. Listening to music is a great way to take your mind off everything that’s bothering you.

These stress-relieving benefits don’t end with playing your Spotify playlist. Creating your own music with your instrument can produce similar feelings of happiness.

It can also reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, making music not only good for the soul. It makes for a healthier heart as well.

3. Playing Instruments Makes You Smarter

Taking music lessons provides food for your mind. It uses pretty much every part of your brain. It can strengthen all the functions that are associated with science and math.

It increases the amount of grey matter that you have at your disposal. This will allow you to process way more information than you normally would be able to.

4. You’ll Gain a Sense of Pride

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. Delving into music classes isn’t easy. You’ll hack away at a song for months without getting anywhere with it.

When you’re finally able to make it through the entire thing, though, it can give you a huge boost of pride. It provides the same sense of accomplishment as passing a test you studied hard for or doing well at a sport.

5. Music Will Give You a Lesson in Patience

Life moves forward in the blink of an eye. To this end, when things slow down and you’re required to wait for something, it can stress you out. You grow frustrated waiting to hear back from the job interview you had.

You’ve been waiting way too long in line at the grocery store. You want to make it to Friday, so you can enjoy your weekend. Learning music forces you to slow down and roll with the punches.

It takes a while to master an instrument. You’re making progress, and you’re working toward something, but becoming an expert isn’t going to happen overnight.

It can teach you a great lesson in patience. If you try to rush through playing an instrument the same way you power through other tasks, you’re not going to be met with the best results.

6. You’ll Sharpen Your Memory

You feel like you’re always losing something. Every day, you spend at least twenty minutes looking for your keys. Picking up an instrument may fix that problem.

When it comes to music, you’re always learning new things. You’ve got to memorize cords, notes, and music theory. Figuring out how to read sheet music also takes quite a bit of brainpower.

Keeping track of all of these things can do wonders for your memory. Learning music is a great way to keep your mind sharp well into your golden years.

7. You’ll Be More Creative

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to music. You can bring out your creative side by putting your own spin on a piece. You get to pour a little of your personality into your art.

That creative spark doesn’t turn off once you leave the music classroom. You may find it easier to write engaging stories and prepare meals in your kitchen.

8. You’ll Learn Better Time Management Skills

Again, becoming an expert at an instrument isn’t something that happens right away. You’ll have to pour a lot of your time and energy into it.

Trying to work it around your busy life can be a struggle. That’s the case for any hobby, though. Making the space in your schedule for classes can help you polish your time management skills.

9. Playing Instruments Is Fun

The last benefit of playing an instrument is that it’s enjoyable. You see, watching YouTube videos and the TV is more of a passive way to spend your time. You’re finding something to occupy space in your schedule, but it’s not engaging.

Music stimulates all parts of your mind. It’s fun and can make you a lot happier than watching reruns.

Why Learning an Instrument Might Be Right for You

Are you still thinking about learning an instrument? As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to it. It can make you smarter and more creative.

You’ll have an enjoyable hobby that can help you learn valuable time management skills, and you’ll sharpen your memory. What’s not to love? To learn more fun ways to pass your time, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog.

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