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Is SEO or PPC More Profitable for Your Business?


For most companies out there — especially startups — one of the questions most often asked would be the choice between organic and paid searches for search engine optimization (SEO). Some might think that organic and paid are within the umbrella term of SEO solutions, but the truth is a little more complicated. While the paid search might be considered a form of SEO, traditional search engine optimization often involves the slow but steady build to popularity and clout with the help of SEO tactics to build organic results.

On the other hand, there is the pay-per-click (PPC) model, which provides an entirely different approach to digital marketing. While there are undoubtedly different roads leading to the same destination, the general approach is different enough that it is a legitimate question to ask which one is better. The top SEO companies would have to look into the company’s inner workings and plans for the future to come to a decision, though there are a few ways to figure out early on which type of marketing is best.

How traditional search engine optimization works

Compared to the PPC advertising method, the more traditional SEO solutions make use of tactics that benefit the slow and steady approach. For example, slowly but surely building quality backlinks, and making use of content marketing strategies with long-form articles and blogs are examples of SEO solutions. It can also involve outreach methods such as emails to various individuals that can potentially help the company advertise its products. Emails can be sent out to content creators on Youtube, for example — as they could potentially strike a deal that allows the content creator’s subscribers to be exposed to the company’s products and services.

While it does involve plenty of planning and effort, the results will get much better over time. It can help new companies slowly get acclimated with the idea of search engine optimization, allowing them to grow naturally along with their SEO tactics. The goal is to eventually rank high enough on the organic search results page, which most online users tend to trust.

Why go for traditional SEO?

First and foremost, going for regular SEO ensures that the company does not have to pay an exorbitant amount to see results. It involves planning for long-term results, which means patient business owners can make use of SEO tactics without necessarily breaking the bank. It can be as cheap as five hundred dollars a month for most businesses, allowing most startup owners to grow into their own before taking on riskier campaigns.

To go for traditional SEO would be to set the company on the road to success, but the fruits of labor will arrive later on. It is perfect for companies that want to go on a steady pace, though it might not be the best idea for businesses that are looking to strike while the iron is hot. The results will come with time, and when the company begins to rank higher on organic search results, most companies will find that it is well worth the time and effort.

What exactly does the PPC method afford a new business?

When making use of the top SEO companies around, many will typically recommend a PPC strategy due to its tendency to provide instant results — a crash-course in digital marketing that can help propel a business to greater heights right off the bat. The PPC method’s core function is to have the advert pay a small fee every time their advert is clicked. It also has the benefit of instant advertising, as it guarantees a spot on the paid search rankings. While it is true that organic search rankings tend to be more trusted, paid search rankings still see plenty of traffic, as most online users assume there is a good reason for some companies to be at the top of paid rankings.

That said, one of the biggest reasons why any business would make use of PPC solutions is due to the essential data gathering process. Those with a PPC account can expect not just results in the form of revenue, but the necessary keywords and other bits of information about the online users that clicked the links. It offers information that could very well be the roadmap for companies to follow moving forward. Not only does PPC grant instantaneous results, but it also offers a means of forging ahead without necessarily using the same tactics.

Which one is more lucrative?

In terms of time and money spent, the PPC methods provide beneficial results and a means of crafting a digital marketing strategy without professional help if the company owner learns enough during the process. On the other hand, the traditional SEO method is slow, but they are more likely to get a stream of online users when the ball gets rolling. The PPC method is undoubtedly the most lucrative, but it does require starting capital to get the job done.

Traditional SEO does not require too much money to get started, and even the top SEO companies can help new companies with flexible SEO packages. Many more companies can make use of SEO strategies right away through traditional means, whereas the PPC advertising model involves spending a decent amount of money right away.

For companies that have a reasonable amount of starting capital, there is no reason not to use the PPC model — especially if there is already a roadmap for company processes to evolve as more revenue is tossed into the mix. For companies that still are not quite sure of the overall direction, taking the slow and steady approach with traditional SEO might be the way to go. Either way, both methods represent a set of pros and cons that are beneficial for entirely different reasons. The only rule of thumb would be if a company owner cannot spare the money, there is nothing wrong with traditional SEO. Otherwise, getting into the paid rankings as soon as possible is undoubtedly more lucrative, and offers more opportunities overall.

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