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What Days Of The Week Are Best For IG Posting?


When was the last time you posted on Instagram? It’s a platform that has changed our world. How many likes and how much engagement did you receive?

You have probably wondered before about when is the best day to post to improve your engagement and boost your sales. The best days to post on Instagram depend on a variety of factors.

In this full Instagram posting schedule guide, let’s investigate the best times to post each day of the week and how that relates to the industry you work in, and what your aims are.

Let’s get started.

Different Cities and Time Zones

All Instagram accounts have a unique audience of people in different cities and different time zones. This is why breaking down the best times to post on Instagram is important for each account.

By looking at the performance of your past Instagram posts, you can develop a comprehensive picture of the best times to post on the social media platform.

Every country and city has its traditions and customs. Vietnam, for example, wakes very early at around 6 am.

So, if you’re posting at 6 am every day you’re likely to get more traction. However, other countries rise later.

Instagram users in big cities rise early on the weekdays to begin their commute but lie in at the weekends. So a weekday post at 7 am or 8 am is likely to yield great results in a big city as your instagram followers will be on public transport, no doubt bored. But this is unlikely to work at a weekend.

The Time Lapse Boost

Some content goes viral instantly and then peters off after a few hours. This is more likely to happen if you already have hundreds of thousands of engaged followers. Other content takes a few days to take off slowly.

Either way, the aim should be to be among the first few posts of each day to be seen. This way you are giving your content the best possible chance to get seen by your audience, no matter when they are most personally active on Instagram.

In fact, by posting at an obscure time like 2 am on a Sunday your content might generate engagement from the few stragglers still online at that time.

It will then get picked up by your usual audience when they wake up in the morning giving it that extra boost it needs to travel further.

You must find out what the best Instagram posting and daytimes are for you.

The Best Days and Times In General

10 AM to 3 PM is considered to be the best time of day to post on Instagram. The day of the week that you are posting may change the amount of engagement that you will really receive between 10 AM and 3 PM.

On Mondays, people are generally busier as they begin their work week. Instagram might not be a priority amongst emails and Zoom meetings.

But by the end of the week, people are switching off and putting off tasks for the following week. Social media is likely to take a bigger priority.

On the downside, posts published Wednesday from 10 am-4 pm and Thursday from 9-11 pm have on average the lowest engagement rates, making these days worse for posting to Instagram.

The best days to post to Instagram are Saturdays and Sundays. The highest engagement averages are seen on posts published Sundays at 11 AM.

Who Is Your Audience?

In under to maximize your engagement you first need to understand who your audience is.

For the Boomer generation who didn’t grow up with social media the worst times to post on Instagram from Monday through Friday are after 6 pm on weekdays. These folks are done working for the day and are likely taking time away from their screens.

How Old Is Your Audience?

Gen Z and Millenials on the other hand are more likely to be glued to their phones in the evenings as they catch up with friends.

Equally, for some people, Friday is not always the best time for Instagram posting. People on the standard work schedule are getting ready for the weekend, looking forward to plans, and might not spend so much time on Instagram posts.

Older generations generally use Facebook more whilst younger generations use their social media time mainly for Instagram.

The best way to determine the best day and time to post on Instagram is to do your research first. Figure out who your audience is and ask them to track their social media habits for you or share data with you. This way you can determine for yourself when you should post.

Of course, if none of these strategies work for you, you can now pay to be in other people’s feeds if your follower count is high enough.

The Best Days to Post on Instagram Varies

To find out the best days and times to post to Instagram you need to first establish who your audience is. Then consult expert analysis of leading social media experts and platforms across the globe based on what you are hoping to achieve.

The consensus is that there is not one best day or time to post on Instagram. Instead, Instagram engagement is dependent on a variety of factors including the industry, type of content shared, or posting frequency.

For more info on the best days to post on Instagram, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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