India, Corona virus Cases Number Increased to 147

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, the number of Corona virus cases in India has increased to 147. The Indian Ministry of Health says 122 Indian people infected with the Corona virus while 25 are foreigners. According to sources, 3 deaths have been reported from Corona virus in India. On the other hand, according […]

Where to Find Great Entertainment for Your Holiday Party

There are a couple of essential places that you can use to discover awesome occasion party amusement. Each of these spots examined beneath with guidelines on the most proficient method to discover them. Each has diverse upsides and downsides and it’s dependent upon you to discover what suits you best. Excitement or Talent Agencies, these […]

The Best Movie Soundtracks of 2019

2019 was a year filled with exceptional movies hitting both the small and silver screen, such as The Irishman, Frozen II, Avengers: Endgame and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to name only a few. Of course, it would be impossible to evoke drama, excitement or tension without exceptional songs to complement the movie magic. Let’s take a look […]

Book Movie Tickets from The Comfort Of Your Home

Internet technology has empowered people to buy tickets online. It is quite irritating to stand in the queue to buy the tickets. There are various websites selling tickets online like Bookmyshow. It helps you to get tickets for the movie show, concert, bus, train or flight. Internet penetration has enabled people to buy tickets online […]

Dracula Season 2: Will there be a romantic death of Dracula and Doctor? Here’s All details of Second season

Vampire series always get the attention and therefore fans are asking about another season of Dracula.  The first-come few days ago and it is the episodes win the heart of fans. So the viewers are so obsessed with it and want an instalment again. So let’s take a look at all the details of Dracula […]

New Technologies Are discovered for cancer treatment that could be effective in 2020!

We all know that cancer is a prevalent disease and cause deaths every year in all over the world. Researchers are working on it conscientiously, and they are focusing on how to stop this deadly disease. Have they got effective treatments for cancer or not? Here we will discuss that. Many technologies have developed, but […]

Adele Weight Loss: Is Singer ‘Adele’ doing weight loss?

Adele is known due to her voice globally. Recently she revealed her incredible weight loss experience with Harry Styles and James Corden on holiday. She seems slimming on the beach in Anguilla Adele has really lost an impressive weight. How is Adele making Weight loss? Addle’s fans want to know that how she made weight […]