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114980 deaths due to corona-virus worldwide


Worldwide coronavirus swallows 1 lac 15 thousand lives, more than 18 lac 62 thousand people have been confirmed with the virus, However, more than 4 lac 31 thousand 600 people have recovered from it.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the United States exceeds 5 lac 60 thousand and 400, the total death toll is more than 22 thousand and 100, However, more than 32 thousand 600 people have recovered.

In Britain, the corona has lost more than 10,600 lives, while the number of affected people of this virus is more than 84,200.

In Spain, the death toll has risen to 17 thousand and 400, more than 64 thousand and 700 people have recovered, while one hundred 69 thousand 400 are still suffering from the disease.

The number of Corona affected people in Germany is more than 27 thousand and 800, while more than 3,000 people lost their lives and 64,300 people have recovered from this deadly outbreak.

In Italy, more than 1,56,300 patients are still suffering from Corona, while more than 34,200 people have recovered and 19,900 have died.

In France, the death toll from the outbreak is estimated to be around 14,400, about 1 lac 32 thousand and 600 people are suffering from corona and more than 27,100 have been cured.

In Belgium today, the corona death toll rises to nearly 4,000 with 303 deaths, However, after 942 new cases, the number of corona patients has increased from 30,500.

In Switzerland, the death toll from Corona has risen to over one thousand, while the number of affected people is more than 25,000.

In Kuwait today, the death toll from Corona has dropped to 2 after death, while the total number of Corona cases has increased to 1,300 after 66 new Corona cases.

In Bangladesh, with 5 deaths,39 deaths from corona and the total number of affected patients are 803.

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