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1604900 coronary patients in the world, 95738 deaths


So far, 95,738 people have been killed by the Coronavirus worldwide, 164,900 people have been infected with the virus.

11,52,489 patients are being treated in hospitals in different countries around the world, of these, 49,128 patients were in critical condition while 3 lac 56 thousand 673 people have recovered.

The death toll from the Coronavirus in the United States has risen to 16,697, while 4,668,887 people have been infected with the virus.

18 thousand 279 in Italy, 15 thousand 447 in Spain, 12 thousand 210 in France, 7 thousand 978 in Britain, 2 thousand 396 in The Netherlands, 2 thousand 607 in Germany, 2 thousand 523 in Belgium, 3 thousand 336 in China and 4 thousand 110 people have been killed by Coronavirus.

With the increase of 284 new cases in Pakistan in 24 hours, the number of Coronavirus patients has increased to 4601 while the death toll has risen to 66, However, the death toll has risen to 66.

The largest number of coronary patients in any city in the world is in the US state of New York.

The number of Corona patients in New York has exceeded 1 lac 59 thousand, On Thursday, another 800 people were killed in New York.

State Governor Andrew Como says that measures such as social distance has led to a steady decline in hospital admissions rates.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out of the intensive care ward,

According to Spokesman Downing Street, Boris Johnson will remain in the hospital until full recovery.

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