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Due to Corona 5110 Deaths in America, 47245 worldwide


The death toll from Corona in the United States has grown to over one thousand today, the total death toll has risen to 5,110 while Coronavirus has killed 47,245 worldwide.

The number of Coronavirus patients has reached 936050 worldwide while 194578 patients have recovered.

The first case of the Coronavirus came out in the US on January 20 and since then, 2,155,000 people have been infected with this deadly virus.

US Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy, who hears important terror cases, also passed away from the Coronavirus, Judge Kevin Thomas also heard of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre.

In the US city of New York alone, the number of Coronavirus patients has increased from China, so far, 83,712 corona patients have been reported. However, In the state, the death toll has increased to 2,300, most deaths in New York are in backward areas.

In a State, a 6-week-old baby killed by the Coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump has acknowledged that the Coronavirus outbreak is far more dangerous than the common flu, lockdown is also expanding to other states.

Florida and Nevada have also announced lockdowns, while the Corona epidemic has reported an 85% increase in weapons purchases in March due to increased fear of lawlessness in the United States.

Former US President Barack Obama has also strongly criticized President Trump’s actions against the Coronavirus.

He has said that just as President Trump has been denying environmental pollution, he has not taken effective measures against Corona.

Former President Barack Obama emphasized that the American people should urge him to take better action.

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