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Donation campaign for the NHS, the 99-year-old soldier’s resolve to keep going until he gets the money.


As long as people keep giving money, I will keep going, that is to say, 99-year-old former British captain, Tom Moore, who helped against the Corona Corps in the country walked into his garden and raised over a million pounds.

Fundraising for charitable causes, someone climbs from Mount Everest. So, someone jumps from the ship but serving in World War II, Captain Tom Moore started the walk-in his garden a week ago.

This fundraising campaign for the National Health Service, they started with the help of their daughter and intended that he will walk around the house a hundred times daily to celebrate their 100th birthday on April 30.

Captain retired Tom Moore believed that he can donate more and more a thousand pounds. However, in a few days, the amount has exceeded one million pounds which has been donated by five thousand people.

Captain Moore’s attempt to prove that the drop has become a sea.

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