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Liquor stores open in India, 70% corona tax levied


After 6 weeks of lockdown in India, the Modi government opened liquor shops, long queues of alcoholics formed outside the shops, Delhi government-imposed 70% corona tax on liquor in view of the rush.

According to foreign news agency sources, in some places, there have been reports of clashes between the citizens and the police, while in many places, the police have had to use tear gas and baton charges on the drunkards, in view of the situation some states have closed liquor stores once again.

Citizens also ignored precautionary measures against the coronavirus when liquor stores opened. Clashes broke out between citizens and police when police stopped them in New Delhi.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd and dispersed the mob by charging batons.

In view of the increase in demand for alcohol, rush, and clashes, some states have decided not to open shops and some have imposed heavy taxes on alcohol.

The capital, New Delhi, has imposed a 70 percent special corona tax on the purchase of liquor, which plays a key role in the revenue of a total of 36 states and federal units in India, most of them are suffering from lack of funds due to the disruption of economic activities caused by the virus.

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