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Schools reopened in England 10 weeks later


Schools reopened in the UK’s England region after a 10-week shutdown, but nearly half of parents have avoided sending their children to school.

The British government yesterday announced an easing of lockdowns, including the reopening of schools, in some areas, due to concerns raised by local administrations and teachers’ unions, very few children have been allowed to attend school.

The British agency, based on a survey of different areas, reported that attendance was reduced by 46 to 50 percent due to many parents refraining from sending their children to school while twenty-five percent of the teachers did not go to school due to the illness of themselves or their families.

The children were seated at a distance according to the SOPs in the classes and classes were also distributed to keep the number of children in the classroom low.

Schools have opened in England but no date has been set for opening in Wales, while Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced they will open in August.

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