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Wooden Flower: Not Less Than A Miracle


Human nature is bestowed with the thirst too look around and find incredible items in the surrounding. People in every stance of life find out several things that appeal to them as well as engage them to an extent that simply blows their minds. Such miracles are foreseen yet achievable by humans. Wooden flowers are one such flower that people like to see and enjoy in their day to day lives. Just like the name, they are made from tapioca wood. Moreover, if we look at how wonderful these flowers could be, one could easily know the benefits. The tree known as tapioca tree is grown far and wide in the world yet the most amazing thing about this is that it even produces gummy mass which is a perfect source of start. Is it less than a miracle? Yes of course not. Wood flowers are not something that you would never like to miss out on. If you still doubt, don’t worry. We will share some interesting details ahead in this regard that will surely confess that these sola wood flowers can be brought to life and can simply do miracles. Trust us.

You will be amused to witness wood flowers

The scientific name for tapioca wood tree is Aeschynomene Aspera but it is often called sola or shola globally. It is found in wild areas that are marshy places and is considered as one of the lightest woods that we have known so far. Often, the bark is scraped off to expose its creamy cork-like most centralized area of the tree. Now, the wood is then transformed into fine sheets which are further taken and are used to make the wooden flowers manually. This is true! every single wooden flower you see is made by a craftsperson with no machines being used. Wood flowers are well suited and preferred throughout the world. People like to witness and enjoy how these flowers can last miraculously for years. This is something worth trying and we know you would cheer up to have them at your home.

An innovative form of wooden flowers

You can not only think but even, you can make far greater innovation in your hand made wood flowers? Looks amazing! Of course. You can even dye them with certain precautions to bring them to life and simply they can look as fancy as the natural ones. For example, you can be playful with red color to name it as your any desired shape like lily wood or rosewood flower. This will not only make them appealing but also will add up several times in their worth. Wood flowers are not only simple but even carry delicacy in them. Maybe you might be unaware of the truth, but wooden flowers are capable of getting perfect dyes because of the fibers of the cellulose of these wood flowers. There are lots of varieties of paint that you can use here. You can use either acrylic paint and a few other things. Here we are mentioning ways to color the flowers and have fun with your sense of creativity. You can try:

  • Latex paint
  • Spray paint
  • Watercolor
  • Fabric Dye
  • Wine

Among all, the most feasible paint that you can go for as a beginner is spray paint but you should remain considerate with the amount of dye u use. The rest of the things can be managed easily.


Sola wood flowers are super cool and the most attractive flowers that you will find in your environment. They are not only amazing but also carry enough beauty in them to cater to your casual needs. They simply can be transformed for decorations, gifts, and even jewelry of your choice. They last forever and we know you definitely would love to witness how the wooden flowers spread their beauty for ages. They are miraculous because you can try even to make your desired designs and shapes. This innovation can last for years if you store them rightly.

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