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The top 5 adventure toolkits for 2021: Combar Pro and more


With over 3.7 million Americans classifying themselves as ‘survivalists’, we take a detailed dive into the rapidly booming market for Adventure Toolkits

1. Combar Pro

Developed by ACLIM8 founders and Special Forces veterans Udi Cohen and Yaniv Bar, the ACLIM8 COMBAR Pro  is an elite five-in-one adventurer tool. It includes a state-of-the art survival-knife which is compartmentally installed into the COMBAR, a detachable stainless-steel saw also installed, a folding axe, a shovel and a hammer pad.

ACLIM8 also offers additional accessories, including specialized carry cases and holsters, which are designed to extend the product’s functionality and expand its applicability.

ACLIM8’s COMBAR Pro is undoubtedly an outstanding, innovative toolkit that seems to offer a much needed high-end alternative to the cheaper quality products available on the market today.


Produced by an industry titan and specifically designed for a military audience, the Leatherman Mut is a fascinating solution which contains 16 distinct adventurer tools- including an electrical crimper, a 420HC Combo knife, a saw and a replaceable cutting hook.

The MUT has been the subject of some customer dissatisfaction as regards its robustness and the small size of the product – which do little to improve the quality of life of the user. Nevertheless, it provides an affordable, basic toolkit that undoubtedly gets the job done – albeit not as easily or glamorously as some of its higher-priced competitors.

3. Horizons Tec Military Shovel

This impressive military shovel combines 26 functions all in one tool- with the ability to be used as a hammer, wire cutter, saw, and a light axe. It includes a handy IPX7 water resistant flashlight as well as a USB port for emergency phone charging which- at its price, ranks it as one of the best value-for-money survival tools on the market today.

Having said that, it does come with certain limitations. ‘Loose connections’ and a short life span seem to be the most commonly reported sources of dissatisfaction from the product’s consumers – which may be rather reasonable given the item’s very low and affordable price.

4. EST Gear Survival Shovel

EST’s entrenching tool is an 18-in-one lightweight system that comes with a compact carrying pouch, a military grade aluminum handle, a durable foam-like grip and a steel spade. Providing a plethora of practical and life-saving tools, EST claims this is the ‘perfect companion for any adventure’.

The EST survival shovel is a well-build, sturdy tool that can adequately support any survivalist, but it should be noted that there has been quite a few critiques categorizing the product as a mere ‘gimmick’ which may be a reflection of sub-par build quality- at least compared to some of the more reputable competitors in the market.

5. Iunio Military Folding Shovel

Iunio has developed a multi use toolkit that covers a fascinating range of outdoor activities, including camping and fishing. It comes, amongst other things, with an anti-skid handle pick-axe, a shovel and an emergency whistle built in to ensure user safety.

Having said that, the military shovel is infamous for being overly susceptible to wear and tear, and having a below-average life expectancy, meaning extended use over long periods of time is an unlikely scenario.

Conclusion: Which toolkit is superior?

Having been developed in accordance with established U.S Military Standards (MIL-SPEC) and having been produced with premium materials, it comes as no surprise that the ACLIM8 COMBAR Pro was consistently rated as the best toolkit on the market right now by consumers and specialists alike. With 2019 alone seeing over $250,000 worth of sales and not a single return, the product’s integrity, quality and endurance speak for themselves!

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