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Speeding Ticket in Missouri – Learn to Fight for Your Right!


Living in Missouri might be a dream of many but the moment one lands on its ground, it’s better to learn the art of living over here. Out of so many things that as a new yet permanent entrant you must be well aware of, one being highly critical is to get yourself fully familiarized with its traffic rules, driving laws and last but not the least, its usual driving norms with the trickiest one is ‘being charged with a speeding ticket in Missouri’.

Let not this article terrify you of something highly crucial about Missouri’s traffic rules but to educate you about the right approach to tackle or fight your case with the traffic officer – on road and in court, both.

As a matter of fact, getting charged with a speeding ticket in Missouri is to test your argumentation but with patience being the key. Once you are handed over the ticket by the officer, he/she will also guide your through the entire route to paying it off i.e., plead guilty. But, you are advised not to instantly rush towards paying it off while assuming the charges as over for once and for all. No, this mindset doesn’t fit here. Paying off the speeding ticket would be counted as your acceptance of the fault while alongside adding violation points to your driving license. With every point getting added to the license is doing nothing except bringing you closer to ultimately losing it. Can you afford that especially when, just few days back, you have quite difficultly managed to obtain this license? Pleading guilty may also result in higher insurance premium rates as well as showing up the ticket on your driving license for next five years.

So, the best way to adopt in such tricky circumstances is to immediately consult and hire a traffic ticket attorney in Springfield. He/she will help you out in uncovering all the details of what actually happened at the time of being charged with speeding ticket in Missouri, scrutinize the incident for probable strengths and weaknesses of your case and advise whether to ‘go ahead’ to contest the case or not.

And as you will move forward to contest the ticket with your attorney, not only you will be able to keep your driving license status unchanged but also will be able to either reduce it to a lesser defense or fully dismissed.

Here, it is noteworthy that to fight your speeding ticket in Missouri, you can proceed both ways – proceed pro se i.e., without an attorney and in consultation with an attorney; the former one is not recommended. In case of proceeding pro se, it is advised to keep taking time by delaying the hearings, gather evidences and arrange for incidents’ witnesses, research speed equipment used by the officer and its weaknesses and prepare your own questions to ask the officer while avoiding ‘Why’ questions. However, simply engaging an attorney will require nothing to be prepared at your part; entire hassle to contest the case successfully will rest with him/her then.

Here’s a Guide on How to Handle a Speeding Ticket

After you’ve been cited for a ticket and have addressed a couple of minutes or maybe hours of self-flagellation, it’s now time for you to make a decision whether you would like to buy it or fight it. First things first, you would like to remember of the penalties related to traffic tickets. There are some stated and also unstated penalties. Aside from the traffic ticket fine that’s posted on the citation, other penalties which will be faced are:

  • Suspension of revocation of driver’s license. This will depend upon your charge’s severity and whether you’re a repeat offender. As an example, your license is suspended immediately for Driving under the influence (DUI). It doesn’t usually happen for first-time speeding tickets.
  • If applicable in your state, you’ll get driving record points.
  • Your automobile insurance rates could also be increased.

When you buy a traffic ticket, it means you’re admitting your guilt and accepting the results. You don’t have to make an appearance in court and you’ll just follow the payment instructions outlined on the citation. In most cases, you’ve got to pay via email or online. No matter how, you would like to form the payment before the ticket’s maturity. If you don’t pay by the maturity, you’ll need to pay a stiffer fine, lose your driving privileges or a arrest warrant can also be issued for your arrest.

If you enter a acquitted plea, this suggests that you simply wish to challenge the charge in court. so as to try to that, you’ve got to send a notification to the presiding court before the maturity of the ticket involves pass. In most courts, you’ve got to seem in court for entering a acquitted plea. However, there are some courts that do allow you to try to do so by email. You’ll get assistance from the court clerk about any ticket questions you’ll have, but they can’t provide you with any legal advice.

You should also bear in mind that there are not any guarantees once you plan to fight a ticket. Counting on the principles of your court, it’s possible that you simply may get some or all of the fees against you dismissed. Another possibility is to urge them reduced through a plea bargaining like attending traffic school. It’s also vital to recollect that challenging traffic tickets would require time and money on your part. If you opt you would like to represent yourself, you’ll need to spend a while for preparing your case. You furthermore may got to consider that doing so will mean taking over a seasoned prosecutor.

If you don’t think you’ll do this, you’ll hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Springfield, MO or wherever you’re based. They’re well-versed in traffic laws and this may boost your chances of getting the fees against you wish for multiple speeding tickets dropped which too during a very short period of your time. Yes, you’ve got to pay legal fees, but it’s worthwhile within the end.

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