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4 Super Easy Tips for Decorating a Bedroom for Your Teenage Daughter


Teens generally have their unique style when it comes to their bedrooms. They want it to be stylish and trendy. Functionality is also indispensable for girls as they generally have their whims and fancies for their bedrooms. For example, some teen girls might like brightly colored walls with several pictures and accessories. On the other hand, some teenage girls might want a room with a sleek library and lots more.

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Key tips to help you get started

Knowing your teenage daughter is the first thing you should do to get started. Ask yourself what does she like? Is she mellowed down and fond of simple basic things, or does she like everything fashionable, stylish, and trendy? These are just some of the basics you need to start. Once you have got them right, keep in mind the following tips below-

  1. The bed –Teens are fussy when it comes to their rooms. Some like single beds, whereas others are fond of large double beds. When you are buying a bed for your teen daughter, keep in mind the fundamentals of what she likes and teen psychology. Teens do not want the bed just for sleeping; they like to recline on and talk to friends, browse on their laptops, read books, etc. Keep comfort in mind before you choose the bed.
  2. Storage –This is something you cannot ignore when you have a teen daughter at home. They are aware of their appearance and clothes. But, this is not all; they need space for their bags, accessories like belts, scarves, space for their shoes, jewelry, and makeup. Some teens keep everything neat and clean to the point of perfection, whereas others dump their stuff wherever they can.

As per the personality of your teenage daughter, you need to find something that is stylish and functional at the same time. Take, for instance, an ottoman where she can keep her old books or magazines. You can also buy an ottoman cover that matches the theme and style of the bedroom to give it the customized feel she likes. Also, get some trucks and under-the-bed units for storage for her.

  1. Table for studies –When it comes to workspaces, teens are quite fond of decorating their study tables with motivational quotes and inspirations that reflect their ambitions and dreams. They look for both creativity and focused discipline when it comes to working on a project. So when you are planning a teenage daughter’s bedroom, make sure you have a good study table on the list.
  2. Get an accent chair –An accent chair will bring a distinctive appeal to your teen daughter’s bedroom. Buy one that reflects her style and personality. There are several stylish and fun accent chairs to pick, so visit the market and explore.

Last but not least, teens love bean bags, so get one that exudes design, color, and vibrancy to the bedroom. Some stores customize bean bags for customers. You can visit them and get her name or her favorite picture or cartoon character on it.

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