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Yes! Get Your Hands on Scent Samples Before Buying—Here’s Why


The most expensive perfume available right now is a fragrance called Shumukh and it costs €1.14 million! Now imagine you’re on the world’s most glamorous spending spree, you buy a bottle, and you find out that you hate the smell. At this point, you probably wish you’d gotten a scent sample and let your nose decide instead of your bank balance.

This, unfortunately, happens to many consumers who are looking to treat themselves or others and wind up with expensive bottles that only take up space. By acquiring scent samples you can prevent yourself from going down this road. Keep reading our handy guide to find out why and how you can get scent samples before your next purchase.

What Are Scent Samples

Scent samples are the same perfume or fragrance you may enjoy but they come in 1, 5, and 10ml bottles instead of the usual 30 to 100ml bottles. You can get these for perfumes, home aromas, and any other product designed around the sense of smell.

Where To Get Scent Samples

If you live near a dedicated perfume retailer or wholesaler you can ask them which samples they have in store. The problem with this approach is that some stores don’t sell or give their samples away and those places are limited to the brands they source or produce. Turning to the internet is a better option if you really want an unlimited selection.

Drop shipping services and producers with online storefronts like will give you access to a wider variety of scents at lower costs. With services like Honey, you stand to save even more by gaining access to coupons and discount codes for free.

Online shopping isn’t without its flaws, shipping can take longer and be expensive if you’re living in a remote area. Couriers often have heavy surcharge rates for longer shipping journeys. To offset this disadvantage, you can save up and make bigger individual purchases so that you only pay for shipping once in a while.

Why Buy Scent Samples?

If you’re someone who loves a variety of perfumes but is often constrained by a budget, getting samples is one way of having access to multiple fragrances for the price of one full-sized bottle. This way you can compare potent scents to subtle scents and find out which one you prefer. You can also match scent names to fragrances to see which ones you like and which ones you’d like to avoid.

Buying scent samples is also a great way to experiment with new fragrances without breaking the bank. You could expand your range and knowledge and may even run into a fragrance that’s an emotional trigger from your past. Using sample scents is a cost-effective way to find the best fragrance to use as your personal scent.

Learn More About Fragrances, Fashion, and Life

By sourcing scent samples you can explore the vast market of fragrances for only a few dollars at a time. You can get these at certain retailers, factories, and most easily online. Ensure that you’re diligent in comparing the different prices of drop shippers and shipping fees with the cost of getting samples from a conventional retailer so that you can save and spend in the best way possible.

Collecting sample scents is only one of many money-saving life hacks we have for you. Check out the rest of our lifestyle and business blogs to learn how to save even more money.

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