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Steps to consider while creating a mind map online


What is a mind map?

An outline or diagram that is used to arrange data visually is termed as a mind map. It is a brain tool through which the thinking and reasoning inside your head are captured via your brain. This map is hierarchical and basically shows connections among bits of the entirety.

Usually mind maps revolve around a single concept or a solitary idea, drawn as a picture in the focal point of a clear page, to which related portrayals of thoughts are associated straightforwardly to the central concept, and different thoughts branch out from those major ideas. Mind maps can usually be drawn with hands such as the notes you make during a lecture, a planning session, or meeting, or in case of more time availability, as high-quality images.

You can easily term a mind map as a spider diagram as well. The core reason behind a mind map is to collect knowledge, be able to think, recollect, and make thoughts and to also visualise your ideas better. When we are speaking of hand made or written mind maps, it is important to bring to your attention the fact  that mind maps can also be made online for more professional use and convenience.

How to make a mind map online

* Come up with the main concept to start with

This step shall determine your purpose and reasoning behind creating a mind map. The central concept you come up with is important and will be the core topic of the map.

* Add branches to your concept

After the core topic shall come the subtopics that will be covered under the branches. This is important to organize all the information you will include and later elaborate upon. You obviously have the main topic set, but adding branches for subtopics will create convenience for you to later understand the topic better.

* Add colors and images

Using different colors for different thought levels really helps to organize and maintain thoughts better. Usually, the online website or software you are using is able to do this job for you. This part will help you to memorize and visualize the branches better as well. The traditional box shapes are not as good to link shapes than images, to boost your memorization adding images and multiple colors is definitely a helpful tool.

Use an efficient software

To reach all these points and create an efficient mind map online, try using mapping software that is user-friendly and allows you to create maps easily. A solid example of a good mind mapping online software is Mindomo.

It is so easy and convenient to do the job with this software, all you have to do is to proceed with the create button in the dashboard or create a mind map of your own or utilize a template. Mindomo is very suitable for beginners as well, all it’s functions and features together give a great output.

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