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Trump’s authority challenge,5 States formed Corona Council


The United States is the most affected country with the coronavirus, were not only the Corona patients but also the highest number of casualties in all countries of the world, but there are conflicts between the US government and the states over the virus arriving.

The governors of five states, including the US state of New York, form a joint coronavirus council.

He also expressed to make a decision to open the lockdown, challenging the authority of US President Donald Trump.

In the 24 hours in the United States, more than 26,000 people became victims of the Coronavirus and 1,535 more died in a single day.

So far in the US, 5,887,155 people have been infected with the coronavirus, while 23,644 have been killed.

In the United States, Corona affected 5,266,563 patients still being treated in hospitals, out of which 12,772 patients are in critical condition, while 36,948 coronary patients are still recovering.

New York’s Coronavirus kills 21 school teachers and Shelters kill 23 asylum seekers.

US Navy fleet aboard Theodore Roosevelt, US Navy official was killed by a coronavirus.

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