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3 At Home Spa Treatments


Taking some time off for self-care is an important part of any balanced weekly routine and spa treatments are a nice way to get these important sessions in. If you have a busy schedule, then at home spa treatments can work. There are several creative ways you can easily have your spa treatments at home.

You can make a soothing face scrub. Using a basic kitchen staple, brown sugar, you can create an exfoliating and moisturizing face scrub by mixing it with honey and olive oil. When you apply the scrub to your face, you can let it sit for about ten minutes. For an even more soothing effect, you can apply yogurt to your entire face after your ten minutes are up and you are going to wipe it off. A scrub like this has the effect of unclogging your pores which reduces your chance of getting acne. It also helps the process of forming new cells which results in you having an improved complexion. Not bad for an at-home treatment.

You could also have a nice foot bath. If you want to have a nice antifungal foot bath, you can use a mixture of listerine, vinegar and warm water. You can also add some essential oils to this mixture like peppermint or eucalyptus. Be sure not to put too much vinegar into the mixture because there may be a risk of burns. It is best to do this treatment at night and each soak can be for about twenty minutes. This is a treatment that you can do daily if you really have some infection that you are fighting. If you are just looking for a soothing soak, you can replace the listerine and vinegar with epsom salt or even baking soda. All of these treatments do eliminate some amount of fungus, foot odor and even soften your skin.

You can also get rejuvenating scalp treatment. For this at-home spa care you can use your usual bottled hair mask or make one yourself using 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup of olive oil mixed with your favorite conditioner. Gently massage the mixture onto your scalp for exfoliation and then wrap a heated towel around your head. You can relax with this treatment for about ten minutes. This treatment will help release any build up you have in your hair and will allow for your natural hair oils to shine through.

If you really want to go the extra mile for your at home treatment, you can add all three of these DIY treatments together. You can add your face scrub while you complete your scalp treatment and then finish off with a relaxing foot soak.

By using some simple every-day products, you can still feel pampered while you are at home. When you are ready for your full spa treatment, you can make an appointment at Dermani med spa. Their staff is available to give you the pampering you desire.

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