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5 Practices to Make Your Smart Lock More Secure


We are now observing an influx in the rise of smart home technology and as a homeowner, we choose products & devices which can make our day-to-day activities highly convenient. We all cherish complete peace of mind & the only way we can achieve that is by focusing on adding the best smart locks at our home & commercial setups. Have you already considered installing smart locks at your premises?

As advanced as the technology is in itself, it is also very difficult to anticipate if it’s just as secure.

Do you want to make sure your smart locks are well secured?

Here are five practices which can help you ensure your smart locks can provide you the best security.

Secure It with a Hard-to-Break Access Code

Smart locks work on access codes. One of the first things to consider is to add a combination which you can easily remember. When choosing the right access code for your smart lock, make sure you do not repeat numbers. Don’t create an exceedingly long code. Instead go for something short and concise. Schlage is a reputable company in the market when it comes to smart locks. Normally Schlage locks got eight to four digits long code which is an average length for a code to work best for smart locks.

Be Observant About the Battery Life

When a smart lock is about to run out of battery, it starts sending warning signs in advance. If your battery is dying, or you’re receiving low battery warnings, it signifies that your lock is about to go dead. Most smart locks come with a mobile app that allows you to keep track of the battery life on your smart lock. Once it starts giving warning signs, you consider an alternative option for your smart lock. Several options are already available in the market. Choose a different option.

Keep Your Smart Lock Up-to-Date

Smart locks run on operating systems that requires constant updating. Like a mobile app or an operating system on Android requires upgrading, so does a smart lock. What if you don’t choose to upgrade a smart lock? Do you often wonder what the downside is? Well, to begin with, a non-upgraded smart lock is an easy vulnerability for hackers to break into your system. The entire purpose of a smart lock will go into the void if it’s unable to provide you with the security features you expect it to.

Choose a Smart Lock That Makes it Easier For You

Not all smart locks are the same. Certain smart locks include keyless options, and then there are smart locks that come with Bluetooth options. It’s up to you to pick out a smart lock which can provide you with the perfect ease of accessibility. Getting a password-based smart lock isn’t the only option. If you are the kind of person who can actually forget passwords, choose an alternative that keeps you on track. After all, you don’t want to forget things and find an easier way to navigate.

Get a PKI Enabled Smart Lock for Additional Security

PKI-enabled smart locks not only use encryption but also lead the user towards authenticating his/her information. To make sure the service is adequately entertained, PKI utilizes both public & private encryption keys. These keys authenticate the user when they access the smart lock and make sure they are trusted third-party. So last but not least, get a PKI-enabled smart lock for additional security.

To get your hands on a PKI-enabled smart lock, you can always contact a locksmith Birmingham company to help you get a robust lock security solution. Now get your hands on the best smart locks.



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